Written by Proud Hubby

1 Sep 2009

My Wife is 46 years old and has been a nurse for nearly twenty years. She has been working at her current hospital for three years. It is a small privately run hospital in Essex. My Wife is 5ft 2in, very pretty, feminine and has the perfect temperement to be a nurse. She can be utterly charming and friendly but is very assertive and organised. She is also broadminded which has developed over the years in the job for many reasons.

She is always telling me about the attention she receives from the male patients and doctors. I encourage her to tell me about it and the naughtier it is, the better! Some of the comments, suggestions and proposals that she has had have been deliciously filthy and she has often been subjected to groping, light spanking and wandering hands up in between her legs. Many of the female nurses endure it, not just my wife. To be honest, I think the situation is completely out of control. But, because I love hearing about other men lusting after my Wife, and she doesn't get offended by the actions it has led to us having some wonderful sex together.

There have been two doctors in particular who have been after my Wife ever since she began working at this hospital. I have met them and they are really nice blokes but they fancy the arse off her. It is a very stressful environment to work in and maybe it's a way of letting off steam to flirt but it really seems to be part of the culture there to talk openly about sex. My Wife has told me that they have often asked her to have sex with them, either on the spot in a quiet room or back at their respectives homes. They have asked her to wear stockings and suspenders under her uniform, do a striptease for them and made repeated requests for her to either suck their cocks or let them lick her pussy out!

O.K. now the bit that I can't believe happened. Yes, this actually happened a week ago and I felt compelled to tell someone else about it.

My Wife agreed to attend a team building weekend away in Wales. She wasn't initially chosen to go but was asked to go at the last minute because people had dropped out. Only five members of staff were allowed to attend because staffing levels had to be maintained - three male doctors and two nurses of which my wife was one. Two of the male doctors were guess who.....yes, that's right. The other nurse was, let's just say.........not their type!

My Wife told me who would be attending with her and I immediately became very aroused at the prospect of some very naughty stories when she got home. I told her that I had no problem what-so-ever with her going as long as she promised me a very sexy true story when she got home. She actually told me that she didn't want to disappoint me because she knew that I'd be looking forward to her stories but that she would have to see how it went. I understood completely.

My Wife told me this is what happened;

The final part of the first day's activity was a very strenuous assault course which left my Wife and the four others muddy and exhausted.

After a sit down and a drink they were all looking forward to a nice hot shower. The other nurse was not one to chat much and went off to shower on her own straight away. During drinks the three doctors kept asking, almost begging my Wife to join them in the male shower for a good laugh and some real team building. My Wife still doesn't know what possessed her - she said YES.

The male shower was conveniently empty as it was quite late in the day - they were the last to finish. As soon as they got into the changing area all three men removed all of her clothes in record time. All three cheered when they whipped her panties down and finally got to see her pussy. They had a really good stare at it and all gave her arse a smack.My Wife was standing there quite nervously as the three men stripped off. She is very used to seeing cocks but she said the sight of three massive stiff upright cocks in front of her and some very tight cute bums (her words!)did give her a little tingle inside.

Once in the showers she was soaped down in every little place. She was fingered throughout and could feel their huge cocks pressing up against her arse. They were respectful of her limits and although they were virtually begging to fuck her they realised that it was not on the agenda. However, amazingly for me (and her) she still acted like the slut Wife I'd hoped for. When they were back in the changing room drying off my Wife laid back and allowed all three doctors to lick her pussy in turn for as long as they wanted. They all took turns to stand over her and spray her face and tits with their thick spunk.

I just know my Wife well enough that she would not lie about such a thing - this really happened. The sex that we have had over the last week has been so intense and she loves to tell me about it all when I'm fucking her.

It's a magical feeling knowing that those doctors would have loved to have fucked my Wife - what a turn on!

I am wondering what might come next..................watch this space