Written by Cumlicker

23 May 2016

I have the most, the best, the perfect wife. I get to be there and experience all her pleasure.

When another man, her lover, her bull finishes fucking my wife he may pull his cock out and spray her slit and stomach with his load. She makes other men cum and cum hard.

It’s my job as cuckold not only to accept this, but I enthusiastically encourage her to fuck who and whenever she likes. My enthusiasm spills over into cleanup duty. I get so horny watching her with other males and so excited waiting to lick their sloppy seconds from her body.

It goes further, imagine running your tongue along the bull’s cock and balls while he’s pumping in and out of your wife’s hole. I have done that with extra special bulls. I am tasting their sex as it happens. It is beyond delicious.

It important for me and her not to be shy about watching when she accepts her bull’s cock.

I get my face right in there and not only watch him sink it into her open hole, but stay there as she moans and screams and watch him drill her cunt like I can never do. It’s so special to watch as he turns her cunt almost inside out on his back stroke because his cock is so fat and wide. I watch as her cunt cream begins to ooze out and coat his massive rod. I know this is how a Real Man fucks my wife. This is being a cuckold.

As a cuckold I must wait even to be acknowledged. I witness as my wife couples with her bull. She just loves the feel of another man’s cock spreading her cunt wide and giving her almost more length than she can handle.

I could quietly be stroking my boner as I watch captivated. After all, it’s my wife having real sex with a Real Man. Then after her bull explodes, filling her gaping hole with his sperm, then and only then may I get some reward. I’m waiting for that smelly wet mess of sex between my wife’s legs. I’ve been waiting to use my mouth to worship her cheating used cunt the instant she dismounts her bull.

Then there is chastity. It’s total cuckold teasing.

It’s even better to watch like this. The more aroused you get, the harder your cock presses against its cage and the more you feel both pleasure and pain from your confined excitement.

My mind works hard. It questions? Is this really the life you want? Do you really want your wife, her bull and her friends, to know this is your sole purpose?

But every once in a while she lets me have her pussy. That’s important. It’s just to reinforce the fact I aren’t worthy of it. It further demonstrates my inadequacies. It justifies my position as cuckold and sure enough every time I try to fuck her it does exactly that. I have never been able to handle her pussy and I cum very quickly, like prematurely. It’s usually within seconds of penetration.

When I am lucky enough to be given the privilege of cumming inside of my wife, I know I have to be man enough to clean my semen out of her hole. She will tell me that it’s my mess and why should she have to clean it?

So nothing needs to change. She will carry on taking lovers and I will continue to be the dutiful cuckold.