Written by ken

14 Oct 2011

some while ago my wife and i often talked about 3sums etc,and then the talk stopped and not mentioned it for a while.one friday night we decided to have a few mates of mine round as she liked to tease my mates as she has a very good figure nice pert tits and a shaven pussy.ayway 5 of my mates turned up and drinks started to flow,after about an hour and a half endy started to flirt with the guys and got to i was enjoying watching her,she was wearing a tight black top no bra and a mini skirt and no knickers which i wasnt told about untill she bent over in front of me and looked at me and smiled the dirty cow lol.so as the night wore on she got more and more drunk and flashing her pussy to all the lads who were getting very horny.when she went upstairs they all said they think she is fuckable and would love to see her naked.when she came down stairs she had put on her dressing gown as she heard what they had said she at next to me on the sofa and would let her gown drop open and flash a bit of pussy.we put on a porn film and carried on getting more drunk,the wendy stood up and said she is to drunk to drink any more and more or less passed out about 5 mins later.while she was in a state of total drunkeness her gon as slightly open which i left lie it on purpose.e were all getting horny and they started to ask me what she was like in bed and i enjoyed telling them how good she is.with i started to show them more of wendy's pussy and i started to finger her and boy she was tight.so i undid her gown completely and the lads all got exited.then i opened her legs wide to let them see all she had to offer one guy got up and said can he have a feel so i let him which gave them all the green light to have a play.in an instant we all got naked and i started to fuck her and she started to moan with pleasure so i pulled out to let the other guys fuck her and boy did they fuck her hard i told them all to cum inside her there was so much spunk in her.anyay they went after about an hour of fucking her and it was just her and i,i started to fuck her again she opened her eyes with a big grin and asked when are going to do that again and said if she liked it then it was up to her and all the cum ws running don my cock with each thrust it fel so good and slippy cant wait for the next time.