Written by Erica's man

25 Mar 2017

What can I say !

Erica's evening turned out to be the best sexual experience i have ever experienced .

As your aware , my wife to be Erica has agreed to act out a secret fantasy of mine, everything fell into place beautifully.

Last night around 1.45pm my phone pinged to indicate a message received , I was obviously awake in bed with every sexual scenario going through my head at what Erica was doing , when I opened the message it was a picture message , the second it took to open my heart was beating like mad , as the picture opened the image instantly made my cock rock hard and I wanked furiously ! Erica had taken a picture of herself sitting on a cock , she was wearing her basque, stockings and little panties pulled to one side, just as I had asked , his cock was fully in her , that feeling when the image sunk in , amazing I was so aroused because I knew for a fact she was acting out my fantasy , as I write this I'm still after everything still totally aroused .

An amazing feeling , and I knew more was to come .

I lay there for what seemed like hours and hours until finely I heard a car pull up outside , the time was 3.17pm .

I lept from the bed to look outside, a taxi , as I watched I couldn't quite see who it was , then the door opened and it was my neighbour arriving home , talk about heart in my mouth, the anticipation of thinking this is it , and it clearly wasn't .

I jumped back into bed and waited , eventually at 4.05 another engine outside , again I lept from the bed to see , and to my delight it was Erica , I got back into bed and waited , I could here her unlocking the door and entering the house , I laid there motionless , listening to her every movement , I heard the familiar sound of the stairs creaking , then the door opened and in walked Erica , she never said a word , I watched her out of the corner of my eye , she removed her dress and stood there , still wearing her basque, stockings etc , I closed my eyes as I then felt her pull back the quilt and positioned herself to straddle my face , as she lowered herself onto my face I could smell sex as her panties made contact with me and she sat down in sniffed and licked, Erica then started to grind on my face ! My fantasy was coming true .

The grinded for a little while then she sat up slightly, pulled her panties aside and as she sat back down and as her swollen pussy lowered to my mouth ' can you taste Cum? ' she blurted out , obviously still drunk !

Yes , I mumbled back , and yes I could , I was tasting a mixture of Erica's love juice and Cum . As she grinded again I sucked , lapped swallowed anything I could ! I was face fucked for about 5 minutes ! Bliss , then Erica sat back slightly onto my chest , well? She said , do you want to know what has happened to me ? Go on then slut tell me ! Yeah I've been a naughty slut , this was great she was drunk as a lord , so I knew she would reveal all ! We were in a pub , then as we were walking to the club we stopped to kiss and I got fingered . I thought great detail Erica , well described .

Never mind all that, what happened at the hotel ? Well we got back around 1.00ish went to the room and I gave him a blow job first , then he licked my pussy , then I sat on his cock ! She never mentioned the picture she sent , what else you've been gone nearly all night ? Then she muttered something that to be honest surprised me a bit , he fucked my arse ! I've never done that and Erica has never even hinted at it .

Did it hurt ? A little but we had lube . Yours or his ? Mine was her answer , then we fucked for a while , he told me he had taken a vilagra tablet so he could fuck all night .

How many times did he Cum? Three times I think .

The last time was just before I left to come home , with that I pushed her off me and onto the bed , as she lay there on her back , I looked directly at her and thought my slutty wife to be , her eyes were closed, obviously tired out , fuck me then she mumbled , I pulled her panties aside and entered her , all I could think of was the fact another man had fucked her for ages and wow sloppy seconds ! Excuse the expression .

I came in seconds ! As I pulled out , Erica opened her eyes and told me , I'm meeting him again .

Oh are you now ! Yes , I am .

With that we both nodded off to sleep .

I woke around 7.45am and left for work .

I got a message this morning from her simply saying ; I love you xx