Written by Paul

24 Apr 2008

I have written a few updates on here over recent months .. ‘My wife what to do’ and wanted to let you have the latest update. My wife of ten years (she was frustrated that I was her only lover) and I split up last year and since then she has taken a string of one night stands. After the one night stands she calls me in the early hours and I und to our marital home and lick her cum filled pussy and fuck her. About 7 weeks ago - she took me home and fucked a young guy in front of me - which for me was the best thing ever and I will never get the sight of another man easing himself in and out of my wife’s cunt out of my head again - it was very special.

Since then I have moved back home - and our sex life is good - we have agreed that she can continue to take other lovers but she must tell me all about them.

We recently went to a sex club near where we live - to see whether the club scene would be good for us… we put it off a few times but eventually went to a ‘couples night’. We had no idea what to expect and I half expected us to turn back on the way there. We agreed before we went that we would go along - have a look and then decide whether it was something we would want to pursue.

We had no idea what to expect but were pleasantly surprised when we got there - the venue was smaller than we expected but there were lots of couples - of all ages. The couple hosting were very friendly and gave us a tour when the party was in full swing - so to speak. I was very turned on watching so many people pleasuring each other in front of everyone. Once the tour was complete and we had paid etc… we felt like a couple of odd balls wandering a sex theme park - I was a bit embarrassed to watch too closely in case someone told me to ‘fuck off and mind my own business’.

We went to the bar and had a soft drink and a few people approached us - we were obviously a novelty being new. A number of guys were eying up Claire and her huge tits. One guy (grey haired with a beard - in his late 40’s) asked Claire if she wanted to ‘go with him’. To my surprise she said yes… and off she went. After a few minutes of being at a lose end I went to see what she was up to and she was on a sofa - at the top of the stairs - she was naked - the guy that had approached her was licking her pussy and she was sucking another guys condom covered cock. I was very turned on and watched for some time until someone behind me said ‘ is she with you?’ I announced proudly that she was my wife- she looked great as the two guys put her onto all fours and took turns to fuck her. I talked to the women who had joined us and she was a very attractive - blond, late 30’s to early 40’s, nice body, large breast and lovely underwear. We did the usual round of ‘not seen you before’ / ‘its our first time’ etc.. She then said - since my husband is giving your wife a good fucking how about you do the same to me. I really had no idea what to say (the question has never arisen before!) - but she took my indecision for a yes and walked me over to the sofa on the opposite side of the landing. Claire was still bucking back and forth - her tits bouncing up and down as the two men continued to take it in turns.

My new friend (Lisa) removed her g-string and pulled her huge tits out of her bra - I removed my robe and boxer shorts and stood naked in front of her. I lay next to Lisa and we kissed - as we kissed I touched her breasts and eventually my hand started to rub her hairy and wet pussy. I asked can I lick it and she said go ahead. We got into a 69 and as we moved I noticed that two more guys had started fucking Claire - one of them quite young. Lisa put a condom on my cock and started to suck it… after 10 minutes of this she demanded that I fuck her - without a thought that this was the first women other than Claire that I had fucked for 15 years - Lisa got on all fours and I slid my hard cock into her and standing up hammered into her for all I was worth. Just when I thought I was about to pass the point of no return I felt Claire come up behind me. She interrupted my rhythm and stopped me. She held my bum and slowly eased me in and out of Lisa - she asked - is that nice? After too few movements back and forth like this I shot my load into Lisa.

We hung around for another couple of hours watching and chatting - but we didn’t participate further that evening. We drove home like two kids on Christmas morning - ‘wow - how good was that’. We got home, removed our clothes in the hall way and fucked like crazy in the living room before finally, going to bed where we screwed on and off for another 12 hours.

If anyone is tempted to join the party scene - take our advice and do.