Written by Gerald

3 Dec 2014

Part 3

The three Pakistanis were having a great time with Karen, enjoying bending her to their will, as the men watched, knowing

what was coming. Then Ikram said, "Let's have her walk around for us, like one of those

porn stars." And they formed a circle and made her walk around, knowing what this would do. As she walked with her shoes on, her breasts were bouncing, and her pert backside was moving in a manner to further interest her audience. They were thoroughly enjoying her humiliation.

My weeping wife was flushed with embarrassment, knowing how her audience was enjoying this exhibition of her body. She was humiliated, but for some reason I felt a tinge of excitement seeing my bride like that, all flushed and naked, with other men watching her nearly naked body.

Then Ikram said, "I think we're going to cure you of

Being such a stuck up bitch. We’ll show you what your cunt is for. It is for Paki seed.Then he said, "Take off those

panties, slowly."

When Karen hesitated Ikram reached for her neck, but

my wife shied away and hastened to comply. Slowly sliding her clinging black satin and lace panties down over her hips and bottom, and sliding them

down to her ankles and stepping out of them. Her bald proud tight cunt was now fully exposed to her leering audience.

Karen and I both realized that she was going to be fucked hard and bare back by by these men, that there appeared to be no hope.

off Stopping them doing to her as they liked.

Ikram took hold of Karen’s slender wrists,pulling her into our expensively and well furnished lounge. With a look of contempt, Ikram threw her down onto the deep pile carpet, holding her down as she was struggling. Ikram’s eyes burned into her pale skin, glaring intently at her proud full jiggling big nippled breasts her down as she was struggling. I noticed how stiff her big nipples were, in spite of her tears.

The other two Pakistanis, one about 25, the other well over 60 with leathery skin and full beard, had released two massive brown cocks, much thicker and longer than mine and both with glistening heads as they started to wank while leering at my defenceless wife, laying on her back as Ikram forced her slender thighs apart, reaching down and pressing big fat fingers to my wife's tightly closed sex slip. and said,

"Hmm, she's dry. We can fix that, giver her cunt a slap, said the young Pakistani, smirking at me." This was all wrong. She had been paid only for sex with Ikram, but the powerful grip of the old Pakstani on my arm, made it clear that all I could do was watch. The worse thing was that my cock was straining inside the pair of yellow silk panties I was wearing under my jeans.

As I was thinking about this, Ikram started working on her, stroking her body, stroking her breasts, pulling her legs wide apart, so that his friends could see everything. and then caressing her

thighs, and then her cunt.

My tearful wife, whimpering, but finally stopped

struggling, realizing it was hopeless, and I noticed also

that her cunt beginning to moisten. I sat helplessly

watching this scene unfolding in front of me, as they

continued working on my wife till she was flushed and

moaning. I was unable to prevent her arousal, and deep

down secretly I didn't want to either.