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My wife with the ship's crew

"She fucked the second engineer and was lined up for the chef too"

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Some years ago, my wife was supervising a group of trainees on board a former minesweeper, now a training ship. I was also aboard as training officer. She was the only female staff member on board for this trip.

Part of this duty required her to sleep in the supervisors bunk within the trainees mess, though she didn't have to be there all the time. On the first of these trips, lasting a week each, we became friendly with the captain and crew, as we all dined together in the officers mess, and it was on one of these occasions that, after the meal, when we were all settling down for a few drinks, that she managed to spill quite a lot of wine on her uniform.

Nothing to do, she had to go and change out of this and was expected to return to the mess for further drinks before turning in for the night. Now the mess had seating in a 'U' shape, and the captain was at the head of the table, everyone else in descending order of rank, so the second engineer was at one end, and my wife sat opposite him, only just meeting the table, so he could see all of her body, all of the time though no-one else had quite that luxury.

Expecting to be there for only a few more minutes, she had changed into her long T-shirt that she uses as a nightdress. Not at all see-through, though a little 'clingy' on her absolutely perfect size 8-10 body that is only 5'2" tall.

It's probably worth mentioning here that she never sleeps with underwear on, so had only this T-shirt and slippers on in the mess, with five male officers and myself around her. It's also probably worth mentioning she is quite randy after a few drinks - and she had had a few by then! Thinking only the engineer could see, she slowly let the T-shirt ride up, and this made her more randy by the minute. (I was watching her, and knew what she intended, we're not innocent by any means.)

She was getting lingering looks from him, and she slowly made sure that he could eventually see her almost hairless cunt, quite moist by then. She also took the opportunity to discreetly touch herself, all the while chatting to the other officers.

I don't think she realised that as well as myself, two others had also been able to see some of her teasing, though none let on - at least not then!

Eventually, all but the chef and the engineer left for their cabins, including myself - probably like me to have a wank at what they had either seen or guessed at.

The chef left to set up for the morning, and she took the opportunity to open her legs fully, displaying her cunt, it's ruby red lips and holding the flaps open, the tunnel to her womb. Needless to say, she was in full heat at this stage, and she fancied the engineer like mad, but to fuck in the mess was a huge no-no. Because of this, they went up onto the deserted bridge, he busy fondling her sexy arse and legs as she led the way up the two flights of steps. They stopped to collect a couple of sleeping bags, to lie down on while they fucked, to make it a little more comfortable.

It apparently took only seconds for her to get naked, and not many moments more for him to do the same, so now they are both naked, no-one else around, though the captain's cabin door was just five feet away, so as near silently as possible, wasting no time in foreplay, they fucked missionary, cowgirl and doggy style for some 20 minutes. She tells me it was pure animal sex, no love involved, just straightforward fucking, and fucking, and fucking. She came twice, and said afterwards she was convinced the captain must have heard her...... but someone else did.

She returned to her bunk after a hurried tidy up, but still naked, and sent me a text confirming her activities that night. Perhaps as well none of the trainees were still awake!

We spoke the next morning, and I told her that her playing in the mess had not gone unnoticed by the chief engineer and the chef, though she had guessed the chef was fully aware.

Later that day, the second engineer caught her alone, and told her that the chef was wondering if she might visit him in his cabin - yes, it was he that had heard and seen her fucking on the bridge.

Now grabbing a shag when enjoying the benefits of a few glasses of wine is one thing, it is quite another to cold-bloodedly disappear for another fuck in a single cabin. But, as I mentioned, we are far from innocents in sexual encounters, and so she thought about this for a while.

I only realised she had decided to go into his cabin when I realised I couldn't find her. About half an hour later, she found me and related her latest escapades below decks. Apparently the chef was amazed she had decided to come to him, he really couldn't believe his luck. He had been lying on his bunk, quite naked, and slowly wanking his very large cock while watching porn on his laptop. When she went in, he initially tried to cover himself up, but she simply moved his hands aside and started to wank him more forcibly. He did eventually stop her, and took off her uniform to leave her in only knickers and a half-cup bra, with her beautiful nipples peeking over the top. Bending his head, he licked them, then removed her bra and finally slid her knickers off her legs. Lifting her up onto his rigid cock they fucked while standing up, then he placed her on his bunk and finished himself off in her cunt, like his engineering officer, completely bareback.

Only moments later the chief engineer entered the cabin, with both my wife and the chef stark bullock naked having just finished a very energetic fuck.

Asking if there was room for one more, she said "Why not? I've no secrets now you have seen me fucked. Get here now and fuck me again" Needing no further invitation, she waited until he was naked then reached up to suck his nicely uncut cock before pulling him down onto her cunt so that he could lick their juices from her fanny. Only a slight hesitation on his part, but she said he had to do that first if he wanted to fuck her - and his cock made it clear that he did indeed want to fuck her, urgently. He rolled her over, and took her while she was on her stomach, his legs outside hers' and pummelling that stretched cunt for all he was worth. Needless to say, he didn't last too long, but she did get another small orgasm out of it.

So, there we have it. Three of the crew in under 12 hours, plus our own conjugal efforts each night. It is unfortunate that we never again got to meet all of that same crew, though my wife did do a couple of other courses on the same ship, once meeting up with the second engineer for six nights of fucking on the bridge and apparently it was as good as the first time, possibly because of the risk and forbidden nature of the sex.

Written by Navigator54

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