Written by husband

19 May 2010

Holding down a professional job I spend a lot of time away from homw, and as its well paid my wife no longer needs to work. I noticed about 6months ago, that every time I came home from a trip away, my wife was extremly horny and would fuck my brains out the second I'd come thru the door! Not being 1 to complain, I ensured I had to travel away at least once a week there after to ensure I got my wicked way.

It must have been 4 weeks ago I was due to be away for 4 night and I got away a night early. Instrad of calling my wife, I thought I'd surprise her by coming home early and fucking her all night long, and raming her over the kitchen table which she can't resist!

I arrived back in the street to find a white transit van parked in the driveway. Not really thinking too much about it, except that maybe a family friend had popped round, I went to open the front door. It was locked. The front door is never locked. I tried to open it with my key but the key was in the other side. I walked round to the side door ans it was unlocked.as I opened the door, I heard a mans voice say "hurry up jonny, the dirty cows in here"

As I waslked into the living room, my wife was bent over the side of the chair, tight smooth ass sitting up with her legs wide open with the joiner who had been doing our decking 6month ago, doing my wife! Neither of them turned round to see me, they just assumed I was jonny, his work partner. My wife screamed as the joiner ramed her "I want ur thick, long hard cock in my mouyth jonny..." At that they both turned and looked at me, the joiner pulled out and moved accross the room, my wife begging me to stay calm.

I didn't know wot to feel. How could I be angry? She was gettin fucked by someone with a bigger cock than me, and who could give her the excitement of fucking another mans wife while he was away.

My wife ran over to me and game me a cuddle, dripping of sweat, when she noticed I was turned on by wot I'd walked into, altho a bit uneasy. She started to run my cock thru my trouers, and before I knew, had my cock in her mouth. I wasn't sure wot to do. Looked accross the room and invited the joiner to join us in the kitchen. I picked my petite size 8 wife up and lay her accross the kitcken table, tilting her head over the edge. I looked at the joiner and told him to let her suck his 9"dick!

As she was suckin and lickin his huge dick I went down on her pussy. She was so excited. I'd never seen her so wet. Her pussy tasted so sweet I didn't want to stop. Just the I heard jonny come in. "Where's my dirty slut bucket" he said as he walked thru the door.

Gettin a shock as he seen me the joiner told him to stay, as I startd to kiss and suck my wifes tits I motioned for jonny to fuck my wife.

As I moved away jonny pulled out wot I can only describe as a weapon from wis trousers. His cock was a massive 12.5"(we measured it lol!) And 4" thick. I'm thinking that my small petite wife will have no chance taking that. But wanting to see her punished, I told him to fuck her as hard as he could. His cock slipped right between her sodden lips, takin the full length with a mighty scream! "You fuckin missed jonny didn't you you fuckin dirty wee slut" he shouted.

My wife was now startin to gag on the joiners cock, and as she started to wank him off instead she was begging for jonny to fuck her harder and harder!! Jonny stepped it up. Picking he up and pinning her to the wall with her thighs under his arms he pounded her as the clock fell from the wall. I was soo turned on. This was like a porno but better.

Jonny then asks her "do u want it in the usual place?" And which she screams "fuck my ass, I want it up my ass, all of it!"

We move to the lounge and bend her over the chairjonny pulls out as the joiner moves in. " Not yet the joiner says as he slides in and out her pussy, while jonny is gettin his cock sucked like iv never seen a cock bein sucked before. The joiner loved to fuck her after jonny as she was drippin went and so slippers that it greased his cock to go straight in her ass. The joiner was in her ass a matter of seconds when he blowed his juice deep into her. As he pulled out he swapped with jonny, my wife licking the dripping bits of cum off the joiners dick, and jonny stretchin her ass with his monster cock!

Again, seconds later her exploded in her ass, cum dripping off his cock as he pulled out. Next she was licking both cocks clean. My turn now. My cock didn't need lubed up with her pussy juice, it just slipped right up her ass. The excitement of wot had just happen also made me blow within seconds. I pulled out and got licked clean also!

It was a great experience, and now I know why she was always horney when I got homw, and she begs me constantly to give her permission to see them, and altho I want her to have fun I can't agree, altho I know she is still doing it while I'm away, which turns me on!

Hope u enjoyed this as much as I did.