Written by Jake Allen

22 Apr 2010

Over the next few hours, I pumped Joni for details about how she had begun the affair with Bob. Bob had been in the hospital for a minor operation, and when he came home, there was a party for him, in his playroom next door.

Somehow, before we left the party, Bob whispered to Joni that he'd like to see her, and she agreed, spur of the moment. Soon, she went looking for his truck, he was a manager at a local country club, responsible for the groundskeeping.

Joni jumped into the truck, and they drove to a secluded spot on the country club property, and since she wore no bra or panties, she was completely accessible. They kissed, he sucked her gorgeous breasts, finger-fucked her, ate her pussy, and then Bob got a super blowjob. That was how it all began.

After that, the little slut would go looking for him around town, and if possible, jump into his truck for a repeat of day one. Until one day, she got in his van to see a mattress laid out on the floor. All I know is that this was the first fuck that he gave her. Bob was one of those rough guys, with enormous hands, and a huge cock to go with them. She really turned on with that big prick, and they would meet as often as they could.

One day, when she found him, he was dressed in a suit, (don't ask me why) and wanted to take her to a hotel. I gather that they got so excited that the fuck was consummated in the back of the van. No more suits.

Then came the day that I met her on the stairs in our house, this must have been about day 5. She had told me about what was going on, but I had never intercepted her, with cum in her pussy. It also explained why he'd toot his truck horn every morning at 7:00 AM as he passed our house. It was a 'good morning' toot.

Joni told Bob that I knew what was going on, but he would never believe it. This situation lead to an arrangement between me and Bob's wife, who had the biggest pair of jugs ever. But that is truly another true story.