Written by walter2000uk

12 Nov 2010

It was like that when we first started swinging, and going to a sex party on a Friday night, both fucking with other couples, then me screwing my own wife in the car while on the way home, then off to another sexy party on the Saturday night to watch my wife be fucked by two or three new guys!

Lily's boyfriend is unmarried, and only ever goes with her, so whenever he stays the night I am woken from my bed in the adjoining room to hear the bed springs creaking yet again as he pumps my wife's cunt full of his virile spunk yet again. He has a big cock and knows how to use it to full advantage, and I hear her urging him on "Don't cum yet....keep fucking me.......Oh My God......your lovely.......fuck me ...fuck me.....darling!" Till later I hear her saying " Yes...Yes..... .cum now......shoot....shoot.....give me ALL your spunk....shoot it deep inside me"

And all the time he is telling her what a sexy whore she is , and how he loves fucking her as a whore.

When he leaves in the morning, to go to work, after just fucking my wife once more, I thank him for coming, he thanks me for having such a sexy whore wife, and then I hurry into the bedroom, where Lily is still relaxing in bed, glowing from her latest fucking, and she pulls back the bedclothes, opens her legs wide, and show me all his spunk oozing inside her cunt.

I used to be allowed to fuck her then, but nowadays my wife insists I wank off into my hand while she tells me what a wonderful night she has had, fucking another man!