Written by Crawley Boy Graham

16 Aug 2018

Its taken me a week or two to have the courage to write this. My wife J. is 34 and very attractive with a great body, despite having a child.

I suppose it is fair to say our sex life had calmed down a lot in recent years due to balancing busy work schedules with bringing up a young boy.

Any how over the heat wave J. had taken to not wearing a bra. At first this was just around the home, But I did coax her to come out with me braless on a couple of date nights. I admit I quite enjoyed the admiring glances she got from guys and I liked the way her boobs jiggled with out the support of a bra. I think she also enjoyed the attention which boosted her confidence.

One night she was due to go out with the girls from the office. It was then still hot but I was a little taken aback that she chose to wear just a cropped blouse and shorts. More over she was bra less. You couldn't particularly see her nipples due the patterned material but she has a fairly full bust which did bounce around as she came down the stairs in her high heels.

Before I could protest she was out of the door and into a taxi.

That evening I was a little anxious but more than a little turned on thinking about her in the sexy outfit.

She was later than normal coming home and I had gone to bed but couldn't sleep. Come 1 o'clock I heard what I thought was her taxi pull up a little further down the street but she didn't come in for a good 10 minutes.

Hearing J. struggling with her keys I went down to open the door. She was obviously quite tipsy and fell in to my arms and kissed me. It wasn't a normal couples hello kiss either but a full on French kiss.

As she lead me up the stairs I asked if she had a good time to which she replied she had a lovely time and joked she could have pulled !!

As we fell on the bed still kissing she said she had been a little bit naughty and that she and her colleague Suzy had been chatted up by a couple of young guys who kept buying them drinks. Perhaps foolishly they accepted a lift home which explained the long wait in the car which wasn't a taxi..

The thought of this made me very horny and we were now getting passionate . Both now naked and into heavy petting I could not but notice her clit was very engorged. It was sticking out far more than I had seen before.

I pointed this out and said how naughty have you been. It seemed the driver was stroking her leg all the way home.

When they stopped she noticed her friend in the back was snogging the other guy and was wanking his cock !

J. said she was shocked but also found it sexy. She went on to say the driver turned to kiss her and sorry she returned the kiss, -it was great to feel young and wanted. As you would expect she said he went on to touch her boobs.

"How" I said knowing full well that the feel of her braless boobs would have felt fantastic.

As they kissed he did put his hand up her top and she didn't stop him, saying he was a good kisser and knew exactly how to play with ladies puppies.

This sent me over the edge and I cum all over her hand before we had even made love. However I was that excited we carried on and must have shagged for over half an hour before I came again. We had another quickie in the morning before our son came in.

I know this may be no big deal to most readers but our sex life has gone full circle and we have been at it like rabbits since.

J. has even half joked that perhaps she should have more nights out to spice up our love life.

I must admit the thought really gets me going !!!