Written by Toastie15

8 Feb 2012

I told you before about our meetings with J the masseur and one of his clients Scott. Well the last time we met with Scott we thought it would be the last as he was beginning a job abroad, but we received a phone call from him saying it had been delayed a week and had a proposition for us.

He asked if my wife was interested in staying the night at his for some fun and in return his wife would spend the night at ours after. He emailed a picture of his wife and straight away I was interested as she was simple stunning. Obviously my wife liked the idea as she could spend the night with Scots big cock.

The night was arranged I was to drop her off and she would make her own way home the following day. Before we left my wife got on her knees and gave me a beautiful blow job letting some of the cum dribble down her front. After getting dressed the time came to drop her off, she looked stunning in her knee length skirt and see through blouse and boots. For the journey she had her long coat covering up the fact she had no underwear at all not even stockings.

I pulled up outside Scott’s house and gave her a long lingering kiss and had a feel of her pussy which was soaking wet. I watched as Scott answered the door and gave her a kiss with his hands squeezing her arse, and then drove home. Just before turning in for the night I received a picture message on my mobile from my wife’s phone, and it showed her sucking a large cock with her face already covered in cum. But what really shocked me was the cock she had in her mouth was black!