Written by Toastie15

28 Oct 2011

I have been with my wife for almost 19 years altogether and sexually she has always been on the shy side. If she has a drink she will let her inhibitions go a bit and be more daring, whether it’s sharing fantasies or playing with her pussy. She has always been accommodating for me though and always providing relief for me even if it’s the wrong time of the month.

Her biggest fantasy has been a threesome with two men though and originally said it was only a fantasy and wouldn’t actually do anything about it. But as time has gone on she has begun to think about it more, and loves it if I talk dirty about it while we are having sex. It makes her extremely wet with her juices flooding out of her shaven pussy and down her fantastic thighs.

We recently started to use a vibrator while we are having fun and loves to have it inside of her while she has my hard cock in her mouth. I took it a step further a couple of weeks ago and booked her to have a tantric massage by a local man who offers all types of massage and has qualifications.

She has been having some back pain so I booked her a massage after talking to the bloke, and as far as she was aware it was to be a normal massage. I dropped her off knowing what she was about to experience and the bloke giving the massage was aware of her shyness and the fact it was to be a normal massage.

Two hours later I picked her up and she had a very sheepish look on her flushed face, so I asked her how it went. She was asked to strip off naked but was assured a towel will be used across her middle to hide her modesty. The massage began with her laying on her front and his hands were firm but gentle at the same time while using warm oil. His hands slowly worked up her thighs and occasionally caught the side of her mound but only slightly.

She started to get embarrassed as she could feel herself getting really wet, and now she had to turn over and realized she would be topless. She has very pert 36B tits that despite her being 40 are a credit to her, and now she was getting a massage in the area around them. The bloke doing the massage is in his forty’s and quite athletic, and she said his hands were beginning to brush her pussy more often.

She said that she was so turned on that she just went with the flow as he began going to work on he shaven pussy. His fingers were now slipping in and out of her cunt as her juices really began to flow, its then she noticed a massive bulge in his shorts. He apologized and said he would stop if she wanted, but she just shook her head and touched the bulge through his shorts.

It twitched and he unzipped himself to lets his cock spring free, and she was met with a cock that was about 7 inches in length but really thick. By now her orgasm was building and she feel her elf tingling all over as he had 3 fingers insider her while stroking her erect clit. She was now stroking his cock and got him to sit over her so she could suck on his balls while wanking him off.

She then had a massive orgasm on his fingers and even squirted a little, and continued to rub his rock hard cock. He told her she could fuck him if she wanted but she felt guilt enough as it was so continued to wank his cock until he exploded lots of thick warm cum all over her tits. After having a shower she was given a drink of water and told that he provides massages for couples with the focus on the female partner.

That night she was the hornest she has been in ages and we fucked for ages with me coming in her mouth and arse. We are now going to book a massage together in the coming weeks and I will let you know how it goes.