Written by Steven

22 Jul 2015

We're in our early 60s now, both still trim and fit, and enjoy fucking each other in addition to experiencing MMF three-somes and swapping with other couples. The swinging started in out early 30s when cuddling after recovering from a series of mind blowing mutual climaxes, I asked my wife what was her most erotic fantasy. Without hesitation or embarrassment, she immediately said, "I want a black cock bigger than yours to fuck me in every position for as long as he can last. I want him to give me orgasms until I beg him to stop!" I'm no slouch in the cock department being a tad over 7 inches long and about 6 inches in girth, so I asked her to define 'big', and she said, "At least 2 inches longer and a bit wider and thicker."

Being young, stupid and constantly horny, I readily agreed and volunteered to find one for her. In the days before the internet, this wasn't as easy as today, but I eventually located a candidate in his late 20s and we met him for a drink at a local hotel. He brought photos of his equipment showing size. That, plus conversation over a couple of drinks and a long slow dance with their bodies molded together, and my wife gave her approval. I got us a room and up we went in the lift with him hugging and kissing her. By the time we got to our floor, he had his hand inside her knickers fingering her slit. As the doors opened, he pulled his fingers out and brought them to her nose, and she giggled lewdly as she sniffed her juices. Wifey was obviously on an erotic high plus a bit tipsy.

Once inside our room, they completely ignored me, so I sat in a chair and watched. He immediately ran his fingers through her hair, pulling her mouth roughly to his and tongued her. She responded with enthusiasm and they plundered each other's mouths as they frantically tore at the other's clothes. When naked, they kissed, rubbed, and caressed like they were starved for sex. I had never seen my wife this frantic for it, and her black lover got caught up in it from her. She vigorously wanked his huge cock as he penetrated her with at least three fingers, finger fucking her rapidly. Within just a few seconds, her head snapped back with her eyes tightly closed, and she cried out a long climax. Her body was writhing so intensely with passion as she came, then suddenly relaxed when it was over, he had to physically support her body to keep her from sagging to the floor.

When she started to recover, he helped her onto the bed, placing her on her back. She appeared to be still a bit out of it from the intensity of her orgasm, so he urged her legs apart and had her raise her knees, then positioned himself between them and lowered his body, bringing his cock to her entrance. Hovering stiff armed above her, he inserted his cock and drove it in her pussy about half way. She gave out a single short gasp of surprise at being suddenly penetrated, then wrapped her legs around his waist.

He paused and asked if she was alright, and she replied, "Yeah, I wanted it big and you're certainly big, so go ahead", as she pushed her hips up trying to engulf more of him. He pulled his cock out a bit, then rapidly, almost violently, drove it in rest of the way. Her head snapped back with the force of it as she let out another yelp of surprise. He paused and asked if she was OK. She instantly replied, "Don't ask! Just fuck me. Fuck me hard!!" She was on a much higher than normal plane of arousal. I had never seen her this way before and began to think maybe I'd unleashed something I might regret, even as my cock hardened in response to seeing the intensely erotic scene playing out before me.

He proceeded to fuck her with long, hard, and deep thrusts, fucking her steadily, his upper body held stiff armed above her. Within just a couple of minutes, she was moaning out her rising passion, her hands gripping his outstretched arms tightly. He drove his cock into her relentlessly, staring into her face to gauge her progress. I could tell he was going to give her a hard climax. In another minute or so, her head began rolling from side to side against the mattress and her moans turned into intense grunts in time with his thrusts. She got louder and louder as she got closer to her release, urging him on with gasps of, "Fuck me! Make me come! Do it harder!"

In response, he stroked his cock into her harder and deeper, his face grimacing as his own climax built. Her arms and legs gripped him tighter as she fucked him back with her hips slamming up into him. Another minute or so and she literally screamed out her climax with, "Oh, God! I'm coming! I'm coming!!" She wailed out her orgasm for a long time as he continued fucking her. When she started to come down from the heights of her passion, he continued pounding into her, and she soon climbed back up the slope and began earnestly fucking him back.

Her moans of passion became louder as she clawed her way to another climax and, when it hit her, she shouted it out, her hips spasmodically jerking. As the orgasm swept over her, he grunted out a loud, "Oh, fuck!", and his thrusts became very deliberate as he came, each time shooting a stream of cum into her accompanied by her wails of pleasure.

When they both were finally finished, he collapsed on her, his cock still slowly stroking inside as if reluctant to leave the tight cavern surrounding it. She kept her limbs around him, hugging him to her as she covered his face and mouth with kisses of appreciation.

Watching them go at it had made me so horny my rock hard cock was so constricted by my clothing, it was actually painful. I rose from the chair and quickly undressed. When he finally rolled off and lay on his back next to her, he saw me get naked and said to me, "Your lady is a tiger! You look like you could use a turn in her now." She heard that and quickly said, "No, he can wait. I need you in me again. I want more!" I shrugged my shoulders in reluctant acceptance.

As I sat back in the chair to continue watching, a strange sensation came over me. I realized I was no longer watching my wife with a her black lover. The intense sexuality she had displayed with him had turned her, in my mind, into a faceless horny woman to be fucked to relieve my intense arousal. I had read that husbands who watched their wives with other men intensely enjoyed it on a purely physical level that precluded jealousy as she became just an object of raw sexuality to be used by him as a means to his own physical relief. This was how I now felt and knew I would have to fuck her soon.

He urged her onto her stomach and put a couple of pillow under her hips to raise her bum. He levered her legs open with his knees and guided his now rampant cock into her pussy from the rear. He entered her fully and she whimpered as his cock drove home. She told me afterward the head of his cock was nestled just against her cervix and, rather than being uncomfortable, it felt wonderful when the end of his cock nudged it at the end of each stroke. He stroked deeply into her with a slow rhythm and her arousal rose rapidly. She was soon moaning and groaning with passion, her bum pushing back against his groin trying to get more of him into her. At one point, he stopped thrusting, just leaving his cock deeply in her, and her response was to fuck him with her bum, trying to go over the top into orgasm.

He quickly resumed fucking her and her climax soon overtook her. She bucked it out with her whole body writhing and trembling with accompanying wails of her intense release. He continued thrusting steadily into her throughout her orgasm and when she resumed fucking him back, he increased the speed and depth of his thrusts and quickly brought her to another short climax. This continued for maybe ten minutes more, during which she experienced a string of successive climaxes every minute or so.

By now the room was filled with her intermittent wails of sexual pleasure and the smell of sex. At the end, he fucked her hard and deep, finally coming with a loud shout followed by smaller ones as he shot his cum into her. When he finished, she collapsed onto the bed on her stomach and he lay on her recovering for a minute or two before he slowly rolled off. She rolled over onto her back and lay there next to him with her legs spread and an arm stretched across her eyes, slowly recovering.

After a few minutes, he silently waved me over and I quickly got between her legs, noticing the puddle of cum that had leaked out of her onto the sheet below her pussy. I inserted my cock into her swollen and cum filled pussy. It felt like a swamp inside. The realization that I was about to fuck in another man's cum inflamed me and I fucked her hard and deep. At first she thought it was him, then realized her mistake. By that time, she was starting on her way to another climax and said to me, "Fuck me good! Make me come like he did!!" She fucked me back, pushing her hips up into my groin on each of my down strokes. We fucked each other for a short while and when she came, the jerking of her hips pushed me over the edge and I shouted out my own climax and added my cum to what remained of his up her pussy.

When finished, I collapsed on her, but she soon wanted more and told me to get off and called to him to fuck her. A bit chagrined, I went back to my chair and watched as he replaced me and gave her another short string of successive climaxes fucking her from the rear. I couldn't believe how many orgasms she was having, and she wanted more. I watched as they did it with her on top, and then once more missionary.

I replaced him at this point, fucking her missionary this time and, when we both came, she hugged and kissed me as we lay recovering in each other's arms. She wasn't disdainful of me as she was earlier, and apologized saying, "I'm so sorry about before, but I've never been so aroused and I just wanted him to continue. I wasn't myself. Please forgive me." I accepted her apology and asked, "What do we do now?" She ruefully said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I know I'm going to want more of his cock later. Is it alright if he stays the night? You can have me as much as you want, but I want him too."

He stayed the night and we took turns with her as we fucked on and off between intermittent bouts of sleep until morning when he left. It was an unbelievable night of intense sexual passion.

At breakfast, she and I had a long talk sharing our feelings and realizations. One of the many things we agreed on was we had both been awakened to extreme sexuality whereby anything was possible, and pushing our respective sexual envelopes was welcomed by the other one instead of being feared. During the 30 years since then, our own mutual sexuality as a couple heightened considerably. Today, in our early 60s, we experience a sexual intensity with each other, and with our other bed partners, that young couples rarely reach.