Written by Toastie15

3 Jan 2012

This is the rest of our afternoon of fun I posted earlier with my wife at the masseurs Js place.

After Scott had cum in my wife’s arse he removed himself and went to the bathroom to get rid of the spunk filled rubber. J moved my wife over to the bed then got on top of her putting her legs over her shoulders so he could go in really deep.

He continued to fuck her really hard and fast and by this time Scott had reappeared and was now stroking his semi erect cock. I said before he was quite a lot younger than my wife so had a good recovery rate. He proceeded to und to my wife and offer her his cock to her mouth, which she duly took in.

Ann was still rubbing me as she came on my fingers as I had also sneaked one into her arse that was lubed up with her pussy juice. It didn’t take much longer for J to fill my wife’s pussy with his cum in what seem like at least half a dozen big spurts. He lowered my wife’s legs and eased his softening cock from her pussy, as he did you could see some of the cum escaping and running down towards her bum hole.

Ann quickly left my side saying we best not waste any of that and began licking at my wife’s hole at her husband’s cum. My wife quickly cum again while she had Scotts now hard cock in her mouth who then proceeded to shot his load down the back of her throat. When Ann was still licking my wife’s pussy J beckoned to me to take his wife from behind, so after putting a rubber on I rammed my full length into her.

Trouble is it didn’t take long for me to cum because of all the things I had seen and the attention Ann was earlier paying my cock. My wife then told me to empty the condom into her mouth as she wanted to taste my seed as well as Scotts and she quickly swallowed that down as well. Scott himself thanked us for the fun and said he had to go and left by kissing my wife deeply while fingering her still wet pussy.

Ann had now been working her magic on J and got him hard again and positioned herself so J could take her from behind but lowered her head down to kiss my wife and grope her tits. This made me hard again the quickest it has happened in years so I slipped my cock into my wife and began to fuck her.

Despite Ann licking my wife out earlier there were still traces of Js spunk in my wife as it was now visible on my cock mixed in with my wife’s cum. It freaked me out a bit as well as turning me on which probably sounds weird. It wasn’t long before we were all coming again with both pussies receiving a load of cum.

After we had all cleaned up and said our goodbyes on the way home it dawned on me that my wife didn’t show any shock at being met with Ann and Scott. It turns out she had rang J before me and asked him to suggest what he did if I had rung up to make an appointment. She didn’t want to suggest it to me herself in case I thought badly of her!

Since we started with all this we have both agreed never to see J or anyone else without the other person knowing. We have agreed with J to both get the all clear at the clinic so we can continue to have fun with him and his wife without protection. I for one can’t wait to shoot my load up his wife’s pussy and arse.