Written by Toastie15

5 Dec 2011

If you had read my other stories you will remember that I fulfilled my wife’s fantasy by booking her to visit a male masseur who specialised in tantric and couple massages. After our second visit where we both had sex with her she said that was it and didn’t want to try it again.

I thought I would treat her though with a nice surprise and book in to see him again but for a longer session starting with her on her own. On the day of the surprise I said that I had a treat for her and got her to dress up in sexy underwear after showering and re-shaving her pussy. Obviously when we got closer to the masseurs place she realised where we were going.

She was shocked though when I just dropped her off and left her on her own with J the guy who offers the service. I had arranged with him before hand to spend a couple of hours alone with my wife before I would return via the side door to join them. It was difficult leaving my wife alone with him knowing what was going to take place as I had asked him to give her a tantric massage but instead of just finishing with a yoni massage he could fuck her and make her suck his cock.

I spent some time in the car and the local pub being careful not to drink much mainly as I wanted to perform well when I got there. When the time had come I let myself into his home to join the action, and straight away I could hear my wife screaming in delight along with the bed squeaking away.

The door to the room was by the side not far from the bed and peering through the cap I was met with quite a sight. My wife was on all fours but I could see her face and hair was covered in cum but J was behind her fucking her up the arse. We have only done anal a couple of times and I wasn’t sure if she really liked it but by what I could see and hear she certainly does.

My cock was rock hard by now so I quickly stripped off and went round to the front of my wife and offered her my cock. She quickly took it into her mouth and quickly got a taste of my pre cum this is when I noticed the real extent of the cum she was covered in, it was everywhere. I noticed even though J had obviously covered her in his seed he had a rubber on while fucking her arse.

This is when my wife stopped sucking me and said she wanted a cock in both her holes, which was at first a bit daunting. I then moved underneath her while J stood back so she could lower her soaking wet pussy onto my cock, I could tell she had already had some cock in her pussy as it was well stretched.

Once she was on she leant forward and offered J her arse again which he quickly took up. It took a while for us to get comfortable before we both started to fuck both holes we were in, and it felt really strange as I could sort of feel her other hole being stretched as my full length went up her. She had at least two orgasms while we fucked her two holes.

We fucked her for a while like this before she asked me to do her doggy and cum inside her. So j went round to her front removing his condom wanking his cock near her face while I entered her pussy. While J was stroking his cock my wife started sucking his balls and suddenly stuck a finger in his arse to stroke his prostate. It didn’t take long for him to shot another load of cum all over her face and in her hair (which I later found out to be her forth load with two lots not coming from J more on that another time).

This sight of my wife quickly led my cock to pulse shooting masses of cum into my wife that took her over the edge with another orgasm. The two of us were left to shower which took ages to get all the cum out of her hair. She then asked me if I minded fucking her quickly before we left as she wanted some more cum in her before we left. What she had in mind really turned me on as after I had cum in her she got dressed without any underwear, and although her skirt was only just above the knee my cum was soon making its way down her legs as we made our way back to the car. She told me that she wanted to feel like a real slut by going out in public with cum running down her legs for all to see if they looked closely enough.