Written by Chas

26 Apr 2009

My wife Jillie came back from the hairdressers asking me all about our local dogging site. Did I know about it? Yes. What was it like, what went on there? I don't know, don't ask me! I replied, a straight lie. I'd been there twice, in the evening after the pub, in the summer of 07, and on the second visit had climbed in the back of a car and fucked a woman old enough to be my mother while she sucked off her hubby. She was good and I had often thought of going back just in case she might be there.

But I hadn't and now my wife was asking about the place so, trying not to sound too knowledgeable, gave her a description. Couples went there in cars, had sex in their car while others gathered round and looked, the men wanking. If the couples were relaxed they'd wind down their windows so the wife could wank one or two of the men or suck their cocks. If they liked the look of him a guy might be invited into the car to fuck the wife. Jillie looked shocked but then looked at me very suspiciously. How did I know so much? How many times had I been there? Had I fucked any women there? I denied it all but she wasn't convinced. In her hurt voice she said I could take her to see for herself, tonight after the meal. What shall I wear? I suggested one of her shortest minis, thong, half-cup bra, low cut top, no tights, just stockings. 'Sounds like you want me to get fucked!' She looked at me very seriously. 'You're my husband. I will if you want. He's got to be good looking, mind, no beer bellies, and he's got to have a big cock.' I took her in my arms, kissed her on the neck, whispered in her ear, 'Sure, if you're up for it I am, I'd like to see another bloke fucking my wife!'. 'Then bring some condoms with you. I'm not getting fucked by someone I've never met without protection!'

We got to the site just afer 9. It was dark and cold. We got out and wandered over to the only other car, Jillie putting a jacket over her shoulders. Six guys were looking in, all were wanking, and as we got close we saw through the steamed up windows, on the back seat, a young guy fucking a middle aged woman, her legs up on his shoulders, her husband in the driver's seat wanking. After a minute or so one of the guys wanking became aware of Jillie standing alongside him. Suddnly he turned and shot jets of cum on Jillie's legs. She lent back to avoid the spunk but couldn't lean back far enough. She gave him a dirty look, digging a tissue out of her jacket, but I noticed her giving his cock a second look, intriqued by its length and girth. Yes, I thought, for a fella with beanpole figure where did he get such a big cock? It was certainly very impressive, thick as well as long.

Jillie started to walk back to our car, me following, fully expecting her to demand we drive immediately back home. She didn't. I was very surprised when she turned and shouted at the bloke, now walking away off the site, 'You least you can do after that disgusting dipslay is fuck me! Hubby here wants to watch his wife being fucked by another bloke! You up for it? I am! He is!' He didn't need a second invitation, turned and walked quickly towards us.

He was certainly young, about 20, good loking, fair haired, tallish, slim as a rake, so looked like he ticked all Jillie's boxes. They climbed into the back of the car, I got in the driver's seat and locked the doors, Jillie showed him the condoms. OK?. Sure. Said his name was Darren, he apologised for cumming over Jillie. No probs she said as she fumbled in his jeans and finally pulled his limp cock out, bent down and took most of it in her mouth. She made lot of murmuring noises while Darren blurted out a ' Shit you're not bad - for an oldie!' Jillie broke off, 'I'm not an oldie you tosser! I'm only 40, not 140!' With Darren's cock once again fully up hard, Jillie broke off from sucking it, took a look, 'You're big for a small lad aren't you? Must be eight inches there, fat too. I'm going to feel you for sure. I'm impressed, wish my hubby could get that long and fat...'

Jillie took a condom pack from me, opened it, gently rolled the rubber down over Darren's handsome, never ending length and girth, pulled her thong away and straddled Darren, slowly sliding down onto his shaft, giving out a loud 'wow!' as the large bellhead pushed it way into her pussy, then gasping very loudly as she sank down onto Darren's full eight inches. Without a delay she began to ride up and down on the long, fat cock. By this time we had an audience, about four guys stood outside wanking. 'My mate Chris is out there. Open your window, he'll put his cock in for you...' 'Not just yet Darren, I want to enjoy a bit more of your very wonderful cock and this mindblowing fuck, don't want any distractions...'

At this point I expected Darren to climax but he didn't, held on as Jillie began to get increasingly lost in the ecstasy, her body shaking with one orgasm after another, as she rode up and down, lots of shouts of 'wow!' and 'shit!' and 'fuck, that's so good!' Then she turned her head, looked across her shoulder at me, 'Open the window darling, let's see what those boys outside have for me!' I opened the steamed up window by a few inches and two large cocks, one black, filled the gap. Jillie stopped fucking Darren, leaned across and took, first, the black cock in her mouth for a few seconds. 'Nice taste..' then took the white cock in her mouth for a few seconds. 'I'll come back to them later' as she sslid back onto Darren's shaft. But suddenly it was all over. Just as Jillie re-started fucking Darren he gave out a loud 'arrrgh!' and Jillie could feel his cock explode inside the condom. 'Ah, Darren...sad you couldn't last a few more minutes...well, I guess all good things have to come to an end and I have to say Darren, for a young bloke you have one truly fabulous cock...I could get very used to being fucked by that!' She climbed off, and Darren pulled off the condom, grumbling, 'I don't want this fucking thing, hate them!' throwing it at me, the cum-heavy rubber crashing onto the dashboard, 'let me out, you fucking perves! With that he kicked at the door, Jillie rolling onto the back seat. The door opened and he was gone, Jillie looked at the two guys she'd sucked a minute or two before, standing there, wanking, waiting to be invited in. She gave me a quick look that said, 'did I have more condoms?' I had three in my hands. 'Nah!' she said shutting the door tight, 'One's enough for tonight! Let's go home. I want my hubby to fuck me!'

That was back in February last year, Jillie's introduction to dogging. It took us another three months before we went back, in the summer, dodging the rain, going five times to the site, Jillie getting fucked on each visit, one of the guys an old ex-REME Army Major, says he is 67, very well endowed so we invited him back to ours, he now pops over once a month, telling us about his exploits at the dogging site, sounds like he a big hit with the young randy wives. I enjoy watching him fuck Jillie, he's got lots of energy, no sooner has he fucked Jillie then he's ready to go again, gets a hard on very quickly, he's quite a fucking machine, he can't stop cumming, down Jillie's throat, in her pussy, up her arse, must be his army training, gives her a good seeing to that's for sure. The old guy recommended a site near the New Forest, where we were staying one weekend, as we were on 'holiday' Jillie felt very slutty and had two guys fuck her in the car on that occasion. As Jillie says, the excitement of dogging is you never know who you will meet, if anyone, and how good the fuck will be. We haven't missed yet!