Written by Anonymous

29 Mar 2019

Based on fact, names have been changed for obvious reasons!

My wife met Lisa a number of years ago – at pre-natal classes I think. We have moved house since then but they have stayed in touch and see each other every month or so. I’ve always thought Lisa was pretty hot – she is naturally skinny, is a strawberry blonde, nice bum, smallish tits, beautiful green eyes. The more I saw of her, the more I began to fantasise about her.

When we moved (only about 40 miles down the road), my wife invited her over on an occasional basis. Format for the evening: normally a Friday night, I would cook (I love to cook) usually a simple but really nice meal, have a few beers, listen to music, then they would go to the other room and catch up on box sets on Netflix. This happened on a number of occasions – I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination, but I started to notice that Lisa was getting more dressed up – make up (lovely red lipstick), tighter jeans, knee high boots. She started to compliment me on my cooking: “He never cooks at home, your food is delicious!”. I started to fantasise more – was she interested? Bit awkward... didn’t want to try anything, if I did, how would it happen? When would be the opportunity?

She came around one night for a night of catch, chat, beers and T; as usual she pre-ordered what she wanted for dinner (I like to take requests). She came round 6ish, Mrs D was on the beer already (as was I). Lisa looked gorgeous, wearing those knee high brown leather boots over her jeans (love that look), quite a tight shirt that accentuated her tits, red lippy, overnight bag (result).... I cooked dinner (Asian style chicken, salad, washed down with a few cold beers). I’m sure she was flirting throughout – Mrs D didn’t notice (she was pretty pissed). To cut an evening’s story short, I left them to it. They sounded pretty merry when I went upstairs. I had a quick peek in the spare room – Lisa’s bag was open. Within it a pretty, skimpy silk negligee and panties – beautiful. My thoughts were getting out of control at this point, I locked myself away in the bedroom for a couple of hours watching TV. I went down later that evening to see how they were – both pretty tipsy on the beer watching TV. Lisa smiled at me – did she just lick her lips and wink at me? My imagination... I went to bed, at some point in the night (late) Mrs D came in drunk and went to sleep.

I got up early next morning (6ish), dressing gown on, downstairs, kettle on. I was watching the kettle boil when I heard something behind me. It was Lisa wearing her negligee and panty outfit...

“Morning Lisa, how are you?”

“Thirsty – I would love a cup of tea.”

I was not in a good position, she looked stunning, her nipples were tight against the silk top - I had a rapidly developing erection and there was no stopping it. I tried to turn away to hide it...

“Are you ok Dirk, something coming up?” Lisa said with a cheeky smile.

She walked over to the counter, getting closer to me, pressing against me gently. As she looked up at me, as I was staring into those beautiful green eyes, and down that loose top and her pert tits. She slipped her hand under my dressing gown and felt my hard cock. She started to rub it slowly – it was getting harder all the time.

“I’ve wanted to touch him for ages...”

I was struggling to contain myself, I reached down and ran my hand up her leg. She opened her legs slightly. I touched her panties, she was getting wet. I moved them aside and felt her wet pussy, my finger slipped in easily. She gasped – we were both getting each other off. She wanking my cock, I was playing with her and teasing out her clit. She reached down with both hands and pulled my boxers over my ramrod hard cock, getting to her knees in the process. I knew what was coming – she started licking my hard cock slowly, holding in one hand, whilst her tongue ran up and down, teasing my bell end, making me squirm. When she finally took me in her mouth, I almost came. She started fucking me with her mouth until I had to tell her to stop.

I picked her up, took of her panties and bent her over the kitchen counter. I slipped my cock into her juicy pussy and started to fuck her –slowly at first, then harder. She started to whimper, and pushing down on me – she was fingering her clit, faster and faster. I reached around, and slipped my hands under her top to play with her gloriously pert tits – her nips were hard as rock. I tweaked and played with her nips, making her gasp. I felt her pussy tighten on me (which drives me nuts) she started to cum, legs trembling, rosy red cheeks. Her pulsing cunt was too much for me – I shot a big load straight into her, a bit splashed on the floor. I lay on top of her on the counter for a moment unable to move.

“Bit awkward,” I said.

“Awkward, but worth the wait. I better go back to bed now... until the next time?”

She went back to bed, I got changed and went for a run. I got back later and Mrs D and Lisa were both having a cup of tea round the table in the kitchen.

“Morning Dirk, good run?” said Lisa.

“Very good, bit knackered though,” I replied.

Mrs D then said she had to mop the floor as there was something on the kitchen floor – must have been from dinner the night before. Lisa went slightly red... and looked away quickly. She went later that morning – I’m hoping for another encounter...