Written by Ric

7 Nov 2008

I am a keen amatuer photographer and very lucky to have Jean, my wife, who has a great figure, great boobs, great legs for a lady of 54 who likes being my model for anything from stockings and upskirt shots to full on pussy. Anyone else photographing her is a big no-no as is her being photographed with another bloke but she is happy with me sending into websites and magazines shots of her as long as her face is completely hidden and I use Vicki instead of Jean. On one of the websites we left one of our email addresses and after putting on a new set of 15 shots we got an email from a guy called Frank who said he recognised Jean's two tattoos, a red dragon on the small of her back, and a blue and red butterfly near her pussy, the four leaf clover on her ankle was hidden by her stockings. We emailed Frank back, calling his bluff. He replied and said he knew Vicki was in fact Jean. We thought that was a lucky guess so asked him to tell us if there was another tattoo, where was it. He emailed us back a day or so later and told us it was a four leaf clover, on Jean's left ankle, just above where she wore her ankle chain, telling us the chain was gold, had a little dolphin on it. It was all correct and I turned to Jean and asked her where and when she had been fucked by Frank. After many denials Jean eventually confessed after seeing that I was not angry, the opposite, I was very pleased that another bloke had fancied my wife and had fucked her. Once she was assured I wasn't angry the truth came out. Frank, real name Lew, was a bloke Jean had met in a club when she and sis went to Lanzerotte for Easter. He was a black guy, thirties, on a stag weekend with his friend Roy, the one getting married, plus some other mates. As the story unfolded I got a big hard on, unzipped myself to wank, Jean went down on her knees and in between long sucks, she told me the first night was just Lew, then him and Roy in a threesome, then on the last night Jean's sis joined in with Lew and another mate both taking turns to fuck Jean and sis, lots of detail that got me more excited, put a few more inches on my cock, me eventually shooting my lot down Jean's throat. I said we should invite Lew over and I'd photograph him with Jean, she sucking him off, he fucking her. I expected a big no-no but got the opposite with a big 'yes please!'. After a few emails Lew eventually agreed a weekend when his wife was visiting her mother, and decided on neutral terrority, a big hotel off the M1. In our room I set up my two cameras and a digital movie camera, Jean trimmed her landing strip, blonding it up with some spray on dye, put on her black stockings, lace basque, waist chain, black pleated mini skirt, see-through blouse, high heels and we met Lew in the bar for a drink, then dinner, and back to our room. I didn't have to say a word, soon as the door was shut Jean and Lew were in a clinch, tongues down each other's throats, both falling onto the bed, Lew's hand disappearing up Jean's skirt, as I turned on the video and started to snap away with my cameras. After five minutes of snogging Jean, Lew's hand pulled her thong down to her knees, his finger must have found her pussy as she let out a 'oh my god!', broke off from snogging, her head back, 'yes Lew, that's fabulous, jeez, that's so good...'. Jean then brought her head up, started to unzip Lew's slacks, pulling out his cock, limp, flopping in her hand it must have been twice the length of her hand, a good 8 inches before erection. She lent forward and took half of it in her mouth, eating and sucking it until it grew too big and she let most of it go, just sucking on his bellend. Lew pulled Jean's blouse, she stopped sucking his long black cock, snogging him as she unbuttoned her blouse, throwing it on the bed, then unbuttoning his shirt, sucking his nipples, stroking his long black cock, then unclipping his belt, Jean pulling his slacks down and onto the floor. She unclipped her skirt and let it fall, lying alongside Lew, snogging, hand stroking his fully erected 12 inches, his hands running over her basque and stockings, stroking her pussy, two long thin fingers going deep inside, she moaning in pleasure. I took the movie camera over to them, shooting his fingers working her pussy, the massive cock filling the lens, Jean moving to take his cock back in her mouth, looking up at the camera, enjoying it like the slut she agreed she'd be for the movie, she then unzipping me and pulling out my cock, now almost as big as Lew's, sucking on it for the camera, her hand stroking Lew's 12 inches in the background. I got a big shock as Lew got up, Jean taking my cock from her mouth and offering it to him, Lew only too pleased to suck my full length. Being ex-navy it wasn't the first time I'd been sucked off by another bloke, I could've cum in Lew's mouth there and then but I reminded them this first shoot was all about him and Jean, and in our emails we'd agreed the first pictures, filming would be Jean sucking Lew off but him cumming over her face not in her mouth. Both of them got back to it, Lew's bellend now almost the size of a tennis ball in Jean's mouth, she sucking, kissing, licking his full 12 inches, squeezing his balls, all for another five minutes or so before she took him out of her mouth, sensing he was ready I guess, and Lew shot, five jets of his stuff, the first two were massive thick white streams of cum at five or more inches long, hitting her chin and left cheek, the third and fourth her neck, the fifth she opened her mouth, let out her tongue but the cum hit her nose, Lew lent forward to lick the first two jets all over her face, both going into a clinch, tongues down each other's throats. It was great for my cameras and video and as I played back the film through my laptop Jean went down on me, she wasn't too surprised when it only took a few minutes for me to shoot my load down her throat. We all then relaxed, broke open the mini bar and spent the next half hour discussing what we'd do next, Jean getting all excited at wanting me to suck Lew off. I did in the end suck him, as Jean sucked me, but I didn't want Lew to cum, I wanted him to build up and keep as much cum for our next session, so I took his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it back in his boxers, instead shooting my load down Jean's throat for a second time. She then showered, fixed her hair, make-up, re-appearing in an all red ensemble of bra, knickers, suspender belt, stockings, her 6 inch heels, straightenng her seams, going down on Lew, sucking up hard his 12 inches, all of us getting going with our second session.