Written by Damien

9 Jul 2009

My wife Sarah looked so tiny walking around to the side of the fat man’s huge truck. Her delicate perfume and size 8 figure, wearing only white pleated tennis skirt, high cut satin panties, bra, and blouse, made her seem so fragile as she moved along by the cab’s passenger door. The size, heat, oils and metal smells of the truck was so different.

The scene was all about the contrast between the male and female world and highly erotic. My wife was about to be overwhelmed by a truly male world. I felt very effete seeing it happening, but helplessly excited. The fat man went to his driver’s side to open up.

The tall skinhead driver led my wife around to face the big steps she would have to climb to get up into the sleeper cab. I trailed behind with the tennis, rackets walking awkwardly with a massive hard on. The leering ugly great man was going to see everything when my wife climbed up into that truck in her short stark white wrap around pleated tennis skirt.

The tall trucker, my wife and I stood very close together because the truck was parked very close to a hedge. I could see the gypsy camp through the bushes. There was all manner of rubbish, rusty old Transits, little brightly painted lorries and caravans parked among the undergrowth. I was surprised just how many of them were camped in there.

When the tall skinhead opened the big lorry cab door, it touched the bushes, making a barrier between escape and us to the car impossible. The nasty looking guy pushed my wife against the open door, grabbing her hard between the legs.

His free hand cupped her left breast. Squeezing both private parts of her roughly, fingers under and thumb pushing down in a vice grip.He said in a rough northern voice; ’Yer fucking little slut, yerve have asked for it.’ My tiny blonde wife just whimpered and hung her head down. Now get up there yer bitch.’ Her tiny body turned obediently and meekly.

The steps up into the cab looked like a something from a gym. They were going to be quite a challenge for her tiny feet and slender legs. He indicated a vertical handhold and she put her little hand on its shining surface. Red nail varnish made her look ultra feminine. Her wedding and engagement rings shone in the bright sunlight and made the situation more naughty. Two rough men were going to fuck my wife in a truck cab sleeper. She struggled with her footing, her body visibly shaking. The truck was a rough man’s habitat and it reeked of sweaty maleness and engine power.

Having made the first step, the man and I could see her pert little satin clad bottom, the inch of white lace around her panty leg openings making her look so very girlie and terribly vulnerable. He gave both buttocks a painful squeeze, grunting ‘What a little cunt.’

Because of her slender thighs, the flat line of her pussy mound was always very available. With her legs parted for the steps, it was all the more so; the lace-trimmed satin gusset stretched taught over her pussy lips. Her slit outlined, so very girlie because her labia had been trimmed and her clitoral hood removed. Her perfume gave off an expensive odour I was shaking with fear and desire. The rough man looked at me, barking: ‘And you take those bloody shorts off and let’s see yer hard on yer pillock. Meekly I obliged, while my wife struggled further up the steps, the driver pushing his big rough hand between her legs, to help her on her way. ‘Fuckin’ hell, look at the cunt on that.’ He rammed his big fist against her wide stretched shining panty gusset, grunting with lust. My wife Sarah gripped hard upon the handrail to absorb the shock and whimpered.

While she was struggling, I pulled my shorts off and hung them on the bushes. My hard on was pushing against my blue silk underpants. The hefty trucker looked down at my sex with a look of contempt. It was only about four and a half inches and I was embarrassed. My embarrassment just made me harder: ‘The little bitch will get a lot more from me panty boy. He said, sneering at me.

My wife was almost at the top of the steps when I heard rustling in the bushes. Through the leaves and gaps in the branches, I saw four swarthy looking men watching everything. They wore scruffy clothes and were obviously gypsies. I could see them clearly. One looked very old, maybe seventy, another in his fifties and two tall young thugs in their twenties. They were almost as close to my wife as the trucker and myself. They could see just as easily up my wife’s little white tennis skirt as we could. I looked away in further embarrassment. ‘Fuck me’ said the very old one while the others laughed nastily.

The fat man saw them too, deliberately pushing my wife’s white panties to one side, so that they could see her bald little slit as the fat trucker reached across to the passenger door, hauling in his prize. As he did so, the fat man followed up the steps, ramming two big dirty fat fingers into her tight slit to help her on her way. My wife was moaning as she was hauled across the seat, her stark white little tennis skirt ruckled up in the process, her pantied bottom on full view as the big skinhead trucker brought his free hand down and slapped her hard on her satin panty covered bottom. I turned to look toward the gypsies; They were all touching themselves as they turned to walk along the side of the hedge.

I followed the big trucker up into the cab. He was breathing heavily. His hawk nose was big ugly and snorting with heavy breathing. By the time I managed to get to the top of the steps, his great bulk was almost blocking my view. He had moved to the centre of the giant truck cab, peering into the other trucker’s stale smelling bunk where my wife had been laid on her back and her tennis skirt pulled up around her waist.

The fat man loomed over her, his flies undone, sweat satins on his tee shirt, and a huge smelly penis poking in toward my wife’s expensive lace fronted tight panties. His right hand held his purple headed weapon, the other was stroking her vulnerable bulging pussy mound. I watched in awe as two fingers pushed the lace aside, uncovering her girlie perfumed pussy and into her little slit.

She lay frozen until he suddenly rammed his fingers in hard, pulled them out and then lost any semblance of control. His language was most foul as one big hand squeezed and pummelled her beautiful soft breasts while the other sawed in and out of her pussy with incredible violence and aggression. Her blonde pretty little head rocked from side to side. The sounds she made signalled pain but there was no escape. He did this for several minutes, ramming in and out with the full force of his heavily muscled tattoo covered arm.

Her eyes were shut tight. Her blue eye shadow and mascara added to the picture of highly desirable femininity. Her sounds signalled pain while the hefty man set about using her sex however he liked. I watched in awe from my place on the passenger seat. The tall skinhead man was in the centre of the wide cab, turning to look. He had released another big smelly penis. It was awesome, about nine inches I guessed thick with livid head and very smelly like his friends. I should not let them pollute her, but could not have stopped it if I wanted to. He was mumbling:’filthy cock teasing little slut.’ The fat man was laughing: ‘It’s a fuckin’ tight little bitch and she ain’t got no pussy lips, little cunt.’

Her panties were pushed well to the side and I could see his big thumb pressing hard on her clit. Her little hairless love hole was exposed and at two horrible men’s mercy. It should not have been. Been. ‘Ain’t never seen o woman wiv a bald cunt like this. My God I’m gonna fuck this bloody ‘ard. But I’ll make the bitch cum first. Come on yer bitch, cum fer me.’ Her pussy was so small, pink bald and soft in his big dirty hand.. His movements relased the sounds of her moistness. I could hear the suction, hard and rough. His cruel fingers slashed in and out I was sitting on the passenger seat, stroking my penis through my silk underwear, oblivious of the gypsies standing by the open cab door.

Then I saw her body start to convulse, her exposed body arching up towards the heft truckers invading cruel fingers. She was moaning helplessly. She came heavily and the truckers seized their moment to laugh and call her a rich bitch whore. Behind me, I heard more laughter and cheers as my wife completed her orgasm, sagging helplessly back down onto the dirty truckers bunk, the big man continuing his sawing motion, his fee hand halting her efforts to stop him with her tiny hands and skinny white arms. He had none of it and made her cum again, accompanied by more bad language and laughter when she came again. ‘Now give us one o’ those tennis rackets, you tosser, I’ll show yer how ter play tennis wiv yer little wife, loosen her up an all. She’s still to tight fer my big cock. I’ll loosen her tight little cunt up a bit.’ It was my turn to say ‘Oh no. as I meekly handed him my racket, watched by the big fat faced fat faced beady-eyed trucker who was waiting his turn. ‘If yer don’t like it, yer shouldn’t a’ shown me her bleedin’ little knickers in the first place.’