Written by Damien

5 Jul 2009

My Wife’s Gym Classes Part Three by Damien

‘Take your coat of slut’ I roared angrily as I got up out of my chair and walked towards her. ‘Damien. Don’t be so nasty to me’ she whimpered, easing the blue satin lined coat over her narrow little shoulders and throwing the expensive garment onto the sofa.

‘I’ll speak to you how I like you little whore’ I barked, backing her against the wall, my hand forcing its way between her slender thighs to grab at her navy blue school knicker covered crotch. I had already noticed an extra bulge inside her tight knickers and guessed it was a panty pad, She always carried some when her period had just finished. All padded up, her pussy felt even more special. She had obviously used one to cope with a flood of cum in her pussy. I felt a horrible mixture of anger and desire.

I grabbed one of her 34D breasts and squeezed it through the thin material of her top and white lacy bra. She looked up at me with her big blue made up eyes and I could see I was hurting her. I could also tell that she was enjoying being dominated.

I wanted to do more and drew my fist back. Taking a moment to look at her tight navy blue knicker covered sex mound, I felt lust as I had never felt it ever before and I pushed it hard against here mound. She whimpered, I was excited by the sound and rotated it against her pussy, forcing her slim thighs wide apart. My fist was my penis, I felt inadequate to fuck her, as I knew she had been fucked.

She stood limply against the wall. I was breathing hard, calling her a dirty little cock teasing slut as I rammed three fingers inside the crotch of her knickers, feeling the dampness of the panty pad, before I started finger fucking her for all I was worth, calling her names I would never have dreamt of as I man handled the softness of her little slit and the perkiness of her clitoris. She moaned in agony and pleasure as I pulled my fingers out and crushed her clit between my thumb and index finger, as hard as I could. I felt jealousy as I had never known, but my prick was rock hard. It was so hard, I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

‘You are a fucking little whore? How many of them did you tonight?’ I asked nastily. She said nothing so I crushed her clit hard as I could and squeezed one of her breasts. ‘Errr about fifteen, maybe more, I er.. Don’t know.’

‘You slut, you dirty slut, you are a married woman,’ I roared, three of my fingers pushing into her little love channel. It felt so erotic because the labia plasty had turned it into a little slit. It felt so helpless and girlie as I stretched it.

I could feel all the lingering slime of other men’s cum and I knew that at least one of them was the black guy who had collected her and brought her home. I could not believe that they had seen and had her in her navy blue school knickers. They should never have seen her in those, let alone have fucked her in them. Worse still they hadn’t used condoms. I was picturing all sorts of things as my fingers sawed in and out of her defenceless pussy. Then I heard the unmistakable moans that told me she was about to cum.

‘God they must have fucked you hard if they saw you and touched you in these knickers, you fucking little cock teaser. Were they all black? Did they hurt you? ‘Yes aghhh ‘ My excitement made me want to explode. ‘Did they make you cum?’ ‘Argh, argh, yeh ‘ were the sounds I heard as she came heavily around my fingers, her pussy muscles tightening against my fingers.

I gave her a few moments to recover before pushing her down onto the sofa. ‘Now tell me everything you slut’ I ordered my red faced and completely humiliated size 8 little blonde wife who had been out with a gang of men, while she was wearing only a tight pair of her old school navy blue PE knickers (full briefs), tiny top and white lacy satin bra. She had supposedly been at gym classes, but the slime on my fingers confirmed my worst fears and darkest desires.

She sat on the sofa, slender thighs parted, a tiny hand, with nails painted red, holding her pussy through the navy blue crotch of her full school briefs. The elastic around the knicker legs made her look demure and mind blowingly sexy. Her blonde hair hung down around her angelic made up face, the chignon having fallen off during our session against the wall because I had pulled on her hair. Her gaze was down toward her slim little body. She did not want to look me in the eye. I could smell her perfume, but there were other smells about her.

‘So what happened?’ I snapped at her. Wanting to stroke my bulging five inch prick. She took a deep breath before starting to speak in her posh little girl voice. ‘I went to the gym class. It is on a council estate in a community hall.

There were a lot of fat women and men there. I couldn’t believe it was a gym class. Everyone stared at me. There were about thirty there. I said hello to a group of them and this fat woman said to the guy who was probably her husband: ‘My Gawd Royalty has arrived’. They were wearing shell suits, baggy shorts and stuff like that. One ugly looking guy had a beer belly and lots of tattoos. He really stared at me when I took my coat off, looking straight between my legs.

‘The black guy I was with told them my name and that I had sued to do ballet dancing and would be good at demonstrating some awkward movements. The guy with the tattoos said he bet I would and his fat companion laughed. Other people said rude things. The black guy ran the class and had me stand out front. He said a lot about muscle tone and that I were very well toned. He made me touch my toes with my back to the rest of them. He put his hands on my buttocks and said that if they really worked hard they could have a nice little bottom like mine. One bloke shouted out ‘Why couldn’t he have my little bottom now?’

‘Then the black guy made me turn around and do the splits. I felt really vulnerable because I knew the men were looking at my knickers and thinking dirty thoughts about me. They clapped when I did the splits and my crotch touched the floor. One bloke shouted out: ‘ hurt.’ I had to hold the position for ages while they puffed and struggled to do the same thing.

‘Then we did a load of other stuff, laying on the floor and raising our legs. That wasn’t so bad because I knew they couldn’t see me. But the black guy pulled out a vaulting horse like we had at boarding school. He asked me to demonstrate vaulting. But it was too high and I banged my crotch as I tried. It really hurt and the whole lot of them laughed at me. One of the men asked if he could rub it better. Another one said he would like to give my tits a work out as well. I felt humiliated, but I couldn’t help feeling aroused and I blushed.

‘It wasn’t until we had finished and we went back out into the car park that anything happened. I was feeling quite warm, so I carried my coat. Some of the men were following us. I was just standing by the van passenger door when the black guy pushed me against it. He put one of his hands against the crotch of my navy blue knickers and the other up my top, feeling my breasts and trying to get them out of my bra. His hands were big and hurting me, but with all those horrible people watching I felt excited. My body went limp. I just looked down at the floor. He bent his head down and kissed me hard on my lips, his finders pushing inside my knickers and into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and felt like my body was on fire. He shouted out that the bitch hadn’t got any hair on her pussy and was really asking for it. I felt so helpless, but as he moved his great big fingers in and out of my pussy, I climaxed and screamed out. I heard people saying things like I was a dirty little slut and that only sluts walked about in public in their knickers. Then he pulled down his track suit trousers and just rammed his big thing into me. I had never been treated like that and didn’t know men had such big penises.

He didn’t even bother with a condom.

‘It really hurt at first then I started to cum again. He went on for ages and was really working on my breasts. He smelt of sweat and that excited me. When he started to cum, he was doing it really fast and it was lifting me off the ground and banging me against the van.

He took ages cumming inside me and I heard a rough man’s voice saying me next. When he pulled out of me, the man with the tattoos came up and he did it to me. He was really fat, but he did it to me very hard while everyone watched. He was very rough and made me cum. I felt all of their stuff running out of me and they were watching while I stood there with my legs open, holding my knickers to one side to stop it wetting them. They were staring and saying crude things while I put a panty pad in my knickers to keep the crotch dry. Then they took me back into the hall and all the men had me. Some of them did it more than once and two of them did it to my bottom. It hurt because I have had that done to me before. I kept cumming and they kept calling me names. And now he wants me to go cross-country running in some woods with those people. He wants me to wear my navy blue school knickers again.’

I was rock hard and breathing hard. I touched myself. ‘Do you want to go cross country running with them?’ I asked her. She was still not looking at me when she whispered ‘Yes.’ I squeezed my prick hard and masturbated until I came in my pants. While I did it, I kept roaring out you filthy little whore. Jealousy and desire made me explode in the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I lay awake while she showered. When she came to our bedroom in her long white satin and lace nightdress and panties, I fucked her sore pussy like a man possessed. I knew she had opened Pandora’s box. I desperately needed to watch rough nasty men fucking her and I knew she wanted it.