Written by Damien

9 Oct 2009

Part 16

The secluded dogging site was way out in the hills, about 20 miles from my country home. I drove very carefully and had plenty more time to think about what the travellers had done to my wife. My sex tingled at the memory of how the disgusting old man had her in his bed, while all the horrible traveller men crowded around to watch him roughly use her tender upper class bald pussy with the big candlestick. He made her humiliation complete by turning her discomfort into an intense and very loud orgasm. While she came he was calling her filthy dirty little stuck up slut, and mauling her 34d pert breasts.

The dirty brass candlestick had been pushed far into her pussy, I guessed it would have touched her cervix. It was very slimey when he pulled it out. This excited him and the other men. The nasty old man flipped her on her back, slapped her breasts, pushed her legs apart and rammed a gnarled fingers into her inflamed slit. His fingers made a show of taking hold o squuezing and teasingf her clit, As he lunged up from the bed, I could see he was still very strong and well endowed. His pubic area was covered with matted black hair, his shaft thick and long. It was a marked and dirty contrast to my wife’s neat little bald pussy mound.

My little penis stirred inside my wife’s satin panties as I watched. One of the middle aged swarthy looking travellers noticed the intensity of my expression. I felt a big hand coming under my virginal white pleated tennis skirt, cupping my sex and painfully lifting me off the ground. He was hurting and arousing me at the same time, just like the old man who was now riding my pretty petite blonde wife with a vengeance and calling her the vilest of names, while the others egged him on to complete his orgasm and shoot inside my helpless wife’s unprotected designer pussy, It was too much for me and I came again. It was also too much for the man squeezing my sex. In the midst of the shame of my orgasm, he span me around. He was big; dark haired and leather skinned.

He roughly bent me over a sideboard, gripping my little sex, laughing nastily and breathing stale breath in my ear. The he began fucking em. The pain was terrible, and all the time I could hear my wife’s moans and was aware that the other men were now queuing up to fuck her.

The memory was making me dizzy, as was the shame of being driven back to our luxury home in the back of a traveller’s van. Neither of us was fit to walk and our clothes were either lost or inappropriate by now. We had been given overalls and one of the travellers drove our convertible. They assured us that they would keep our secret.

Thinking about it, on my drive to the night time dogging venue, was making me dizzy. My tiny effeminate little hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly. I had painted my nails with red nail varnish, but had put on black stretchy satin elbow length gloves to compliment the sleeve less high-necked white satin gown that I was wearing. I admired my slender arms and looked down at the taut satin, which was hugging my hips and making my lap look so flat and feminine. The skirt of my dress had ridden up slightly and I could see my black silk stocking covered knees and a flash of black satin and

Lace full lace peeping out. I looked delightfully feminine, sexy but demure.

When I got to the end of the approach lane to the dogging site, it was very dark. My headlights lit up the scenery very eerily. Pulling into the parking area, I saw that there were a lot of cars there. My headlights lit up the cars, revealing all lone male occupants. I drove past a line of them, all were facing out towards the entry road and many of the men would have glimpsed me as the glamorous lone blonde female driver. I drove slowly and saw them looking intently at my car. I drove to the end of the line, finding a space that led to a footpath and the woods. A nearly full moon and cloudless sky provided just the right light for my adventure, but I was very afraid. As I turned of the engine and switched off the lights, I heard the silence and could feel my heart beating underneath my knee length satin dress and pretty lingerie. I pulled my slender silk seamed stockinged legs tightly together and smoothed down my dress and slip. As I did so, I felt the suspender buttons through the fabric and wondered how the awful men outside would react when they discovered them.

I don’t know how long I sat there. I thought of going home. I was on the road to self-destruction, but the sex drive is all about procreation. It knows we are here for only a short time. My brain was looking at the world as a woman’s, wanting men to fertilise me. It didn’t care about tomorrow, only about being desired and getting men to shoot their seed into me. Sex is a primitive instinct and my mind was excited by me looking so soft weak and demure and wondering what on earth the men in the cars would look and be like. I sat there thinking of all this, realising that I could be raped or worse, but I had to do it.

As I sat thinking, I became aware of men getting out of their cars. I heard footsteps getting closer to my Audi. I had travelled with the doors locked. As I heard them coming, for some reason, I released the automatic locking button, and looked down at my inviting satin covered lap, my slender legs still tightly held together, the shimmering satin of my full length satin and lace slip making me feel vulnerable and ultra feminine as I became aware of four men looking into the windows on either side of my car. Though my blonde curly head was hung down, I could make out two more figures in front of the car. My heart was racing, my sex tingled. I knew there was no turning back or escaping now.