Written by Damien

16 Aug 2009

As soon as the fat guy’s truck had pulled away, the tall skinhead driver slammed my petite blonde wife up against the front of his truck. Pushing a rough big hand under the pelmet of her little white pleated tennis skirt, he roughly forced her skinny thighs apart and punched her satin covered pussy mound. She cried out in pain as the force drover her back against the giant truck. The gypsy men moved to surround the violent sex that had started between the tall trucker and my wife. He wasted no time ripping off the remains of her white tennis blouse. She had pushed her tits back inside her bra. The hefty trucker was enjoying mauling them through the soft satin and lace cups that gave them no protection and just made the womanly glands even more desirable. All of the watching leering and dirty minded men could see that her large nipples were erect under the satin bra cups.

Her head was bowed and her little wide-eyed face was semi curtained by her long blonde hair. The big man had to bend to kiss her hard on her red pouting lips. His other hand reached under her short white pleated tennis skirt. He was feeling her up very roughly and she was whimpering. ‘Please, no more, not today,’ I heard her pleading softly in her posh voice. ‘Fuck you slut, you are going to have a lot more. You are going to feel my fist up your bald little fanny. How about that. ‘Her whimpering was stifled by the man forcing his stubble covered and brutish face hard up against her and obviously kissing her with his tongue in her mouth. His hands reacted to the excitement of kissing her red painted lips. He was squeezing her pussy so hard through her panties that he was lifting her off the ground. He took his hand away from her tits. I had been forced to the front of the audience because the gypsies wanted to humiliate me. My little prick was hard again inside my blue satin underpants. My shorts were up in the bushes and I was completely exposed.

My prick got harder as the trucker got more angry and rough with my wife did. He pulled off her tennis skirt and threw it at the gypsies. One of them picked it up and ordered me to put it on. I was even more humiliated now. but my prick was less exposed. By this time, my wife was pushed up against the front of the other truck. All she wore was her tight white high cut satin and lace panties, matching bra, white ankle socks and tennis shoes. Her panties were pushed to one side and the big trucker was ramming into her bulging sex mound for all he was worth.

From the sounds she was making, I could tell he was hurting her. This seemed to excite him and he fucked her even harder, pulling on her satin covered breasts as if he were milking her and calling her very nasty names in a deep crude accent that showed we were several classes higher than the filthy beast.

Two of the gypsies were steadying her and giving her some protection from being hurt by being forced against the truck’s huge radiator grill. Everything about the trucker was big and ugly, including his nine inch circumcised penis. I watched as the hard man fucking her braced himself, gripped her 34d breast hard, called her a filthy fucking little slut and then emptied his load deep inside her unprotected bald little pussy. Her body was shaking and quivering under the force of his entry and angry thrusting. She came heavily, screaming out helplessly as her body went into a long spasm of orgasm and her thin little arms hung limply by her side. His face looked full of contempt as he finally withdrew from her now gaping slit. In a deft movement, his big hands pulled her panties down and over her feet. Her reddened and violated bald pussy mound was now on full display to the leering hordes. Because of her designer vagina and clit hood surgery, her reddened clit was on plain view and ver erect. The man who ahd fucked her saw her clit and squeezed it hard, making her cry out.

The brute held up my wife’s white satin and lace panties to the approval of about thirty dirty looking gypsies of all ages. Then he grabbed hold of my wife\'s bar. He caught her unawares while she was trying to cover her slit, which had been oozing the truckers cum . The bar clasp broke and her milky white melons completed the display of vulnerable, spoiled upper middle class petite blonde beauty. They could all see her exquisite well fucked feminine figure. Because of her slender thighs, the space between her legs was very exposed and inviting. Every time she tried to cover it up, a big dirty angry looking gypsy in his fifties, pulled her tiny hands away. As I looked at her little hands, I saw her wedding and engagement rings, and her pretty feminine nail varnish. I wondered what on earth possessed me to want this to happen to my wife and why it made my little prick so hard.

Right boys, now I am going to fist the cunt and then you can have your gang bang. Maybe we can make the stuck up bitch pregnant. I thought of my wife’s diaphragm deep inside her pussy. She had already had two big pricks and a tennis racket handle pushed inside her. If she was fisted as well, the diaphragm might be dislodged. My prick was throbbing at the thought. Of her ultimate violation.