Written by dave

3 Sep 2018

I have read a lot of the stories on here an some seem a bit far fetched. This set is about my wife’s indiscretions She is 5’2” natural blonde hair and a great set of tits and are all true First a bit of background. When I met her she was overweight just come out of a bad marriage and had no self worth at all. I helped her turn here life around plus she lost a lot of weight.

. Some years ago when she was in her twenties (she’s sixty now) and looked really hot she started going out with an on friend from school. One night she went out and didn’t get home till 7 am. Here is the full story she told me some years later.

She had met a couple the week before, who invited her to come to their house on Friday night for a drink, being a bit naïve she went along. She was enjoying a nice evening chatting and drinking. During the evening the women started talking to her about men and sex saying amongst other things it was always men who wanted to try other positions.

As the evening drew on she was starting to feel a bit tipsy when she was offered a rolled cigarette. Being a bit tipsy she started to smoke it, immediately she felt light headed. The women then commented that men didn’t know how lucky they were not having to wear bra’s as they were not comfortable at all. To which see said she was going to take hers off.

By this time my wife’s head and the room were spinning, when she was asked to take hers off, she started to unbutton her blouse and remove her bra. As soon as she had she heard the women say they were beautiful. Immediately she felt two sets of hands rubbing her tits then someone sucking each nipple.

She was that far gone at that time she just sat there moaning with pleasure as they sucked. She then felt a hand moving up between her legs but was powerless or didn’t want to stop it. Then she felt a finger rubbing her pussy through her knickers. She just lay back to enjoy what was happening as she heard the women say lets have these knickers and tights off.

Her skirt was then pulled up round her waist and her legs opened wide . the women then started to lick away at her pussy sending her into raptures of pleasure, she always came fast when she had oral. Next the man took over until she came again.

Then they took her into the bedroom took her skirt off and took turns fingering and licking her. Until the man climbed on top of her and put his cock into her sopping wet hole. He fucked her hard for a good twenty minutes before he came. The women then went down on her again and licked her out while he kissed her and sucked her tits.

They carried on for what seemed like hours licking and fingering her she lost count of the amount of times she came until the man turned her over and fucked her doggie style, while she had her head forced between the women’s legs and made to lick her. It was the first time she had done this. As he pounded away at her tongue was forced into the women cunt who was holding her head and moaning loudly.

After this she fell asleep exhausted until the next morning when she rushed out caught the bus and came home to give me a cock and bull story about missing the last bus and not being able to phone a taxi and the phone box was broken.

if you want the rest let me know