Written by dave

5 Sep 2018

After my wife had finished with the last man her next escapade happened when she went out to our local pub.

I got a call from her around 10-30 to say she was coming home but had met someone in the pub and he was going to come back with her, I was just about to explode when she said it was someone I knew from when I used to go down town before I met her.

When she arrived at our house I did know the man and he said they’d got talking and she’d mentioned me and he asked if he could come back as he hadn’t seen me for a few years. We had an enjoyable time talking and catching up. When we were ready to go to bed we decided to let him sleep on the settee as it was passed the time for his last bus and he lived quite a way off. He offered to get a taxi, but my wife said it was ok for him to sleep on the settee now I know why.

During the night I’ve no idea what time as I was sound asleep, my wife left our bed after asking if I was awake and crept downstairs.

That night she was wearing a long green silk nightie with thin straps on the top that about half covered her breasts. When she entered the living room my friend woke he looked at my wife and smiled. She knelt down at the side of the settee and asked him if he was alright and was the settee was comfy enough.

He smiled again and said it wasn’t bad but he’d prefer a bed. My wife laughed and said they couldn’t go up there as I was asleep. To which he replied good, he reached forward and slipped the straps of her nightie down her arms, exposing her large tits.

He started rubbing them and teasing her nipples flicking them and pinching them to make them hard and stick out.

After a few minutes of of that he moved his hands down, her nightie was around her waist at that point. He slipped his hand down towards her pussy,she opened her legs to allow him access easier he stop at her clit to rub it and then into her hole which by now was wet.

At the point she reached under the blanket to feel his cock. When she found it her eyes widened, he smiled and said I bet you haven’t had one that big before. At that point he threw the blanket off himself. My wife eased his massive cock out of his pants. It must have been about 8 inchs long and very fat. She’d never seen one that big before only in the odd porn magazine she’d seen. She’d often wondered what it would be like to have one that big in her now she was going to find out.

She started to wank him not taking her eyes of his cock, all this time he was still fingering her cunt, she was getting wetter all the time with the fingering and the thought of have that cock inside her.

She’d got that wet he’d got 3 fingers inside her, he was telling her how big her cunt was. He then asked he if she wanted to suck it. to which she replied no, she didn’t like doing that. And she didn’t think she’d be able to get it in her mouth anyway.

He laughed and said that’s ok it will go in here ok shoving 3 fingers in right up to his knuckles. At that point he got of the settee and told her to lie down on it and open her legs really wide.

When he started to push it in his cock stretched her wider than she’d even been before even though she was really wet she struggled to get it in. he started to move it in and out forcing more of it deeper into her. She stared to grimace and said it hurt, but he only said don’t worry you’ll take it all and I’m not stopping till I cum.

He kept forcing more inside of her, by this time she was moaning with both pain and pleasure, shagging him as hard as she could. She could feel her orgasm building inside of her until she came violently and dug her nails hard into him.

As her nails dug in he said “ouch, your going to pay for that you randy cow”. And he started fucking her even harder, after a while he withdrew and told her to get up and bend over the arm of the settee. As he stood behind her he said it will go in easier now you’ve been stretched. He put his cock against cunt and pushed it in without stopping. She gasped loudly as it went in which was greeted with, “there I told you”.

He started to shag her hard she could feel his balls banging as he did. Then he smacked her arse. She let out a scream, “there told you I’d make you pay didn’t I, keep it down you don’t want hubby to come down do you”. He continued to smack her and fuck her until she came again, as violently as the last time. Her legs wouldn’t hold her up and she flopped onto the arm of the settee.

He then got here back on the settee held her arms above her head as he put his massive cock inside her again. “no more nails this time sexy” he said as he pounded away at her she came again as he sped up then suddenly he groaned as he emptied his balls inside her. After a while he slipped out off her his cock was still big even then.

She put her nightie back on and went back upstairs to bed accompanied with another smack on her red arse as she left him and the words “night sexy”. As she got back in bed her arse was tingling from all the smacking and her cunt was dripping with his and her cum and aching like never before.

Next time my wife stays out all night again