Written by Julian

13 Sep 2014

Let me introduce myself I am Julian 26 years old and have been married to my Clare for six years and she is 28 years old. I am of slight build and stand five feet six inches tall and weigh 12 stone while Clare is 5 feet 5 and weighs 11 stone. She is a size 14 with a 36 inch bust and a very nice big firm arse. It was the site of that rear end that first attracted me to her and I have adored it ever since along with her extremely hairy pussy. Our sex life has been perfect as far I was concerned we watched porn films while having sex ans indulged in fantasies. I thought I was enough for her because she would always orgasm when we fucked while watching porn until one day I came home


I came home from work one day, and found my wife cuddled up with guy on my couch. He was drinking one of my beers and talking about what would happen if her husband found out he was fucking her. My wife was looking up at him with mesmerized eyes, she occasionally resting her head on his chest. They never saw me as I came in through the back door after parking my car in the garage and saw them through the serving hatch in the dinning room. My wife smiled at him, then stood up and took his hand and walked him up stairs that are adjacent to the front door then up to our bedroom. I then followed them shortly afterwards and as they left the door open I saw her kiss him full on the lips.

He then pushed her back against the wall and leaned his forearm against the wall, and the back of my wife’s head lay against it. He leaned into her and kissed her lightly on the lips they broke away then kissed again this time longer and with more passion. They were embraced in a full, passionate kiss an his hand up her top caressing her right breast. Her right leg rubbed up against his leg then they broke the kiss and walked towards the bed. I stood there in shock. I didn’t know what to do as I could now not see them as the bed is behind the door.

I decided to pull the door quietly and slowly towards me so as I could see through the door jarm they undressed and were naked and my wife was making soft moaning noises. He was on top of her and as far as I could make out he was fucking her. should I confront them because my anger had started to build but I was in two minds. My stomach was in knots but I also had feelings of excitement and my mind was spinning. But I decided to walk in on them, his back was towards me, his naked ass facing me. He was thrusting hard into my wife’s hole, her hands wrapped around his sweaty back, her legs wrapped around his arse.

My wife then caught site of me and screamed as she saw me, he then pulled out and jumped up and walked towards me. His cock was swinging from side to side and glistening with my wife love juices. He came right up to my face and said seen enough yet maggot dick. My name is Ryan and your wife tells me it turns you on watching porn film of men fucking their wives. I stood there speechless he had taken the wind out of my sails I felt vulnerable then he ordered me to sit in the chair.

I am only five feet six inches tall and he must have been six foot or more his cock was more than twice the size of mine. I decided that it was best part of valour to obey his command as there was no way I wanted to argue with him. He climbed back on to the bed and rubbed his cock over my wife’s pussy and he was saying that she belonged to him, and she said wanted him. She said that she loved being fucked by a man who knew just how to please a woman. Then he hammered into really hard, then harder and harder my wife screamed loud enough that the neighbours could have probably heard her. She screamed again and she was cursing as he rammed her into the mattress as he went in hard right up to his big balls. I looked on as my wife has never acted like this when we have sex and it was at this moment I realised just how small my cock is. My wife was thrashing about and her head rolling from side to side and her eyes closed tight. She was screaming fill me Ryan fill me with that he grunted he slowed almost to a stop and I could see his arse cheeks tighten as he emptied his balls into my wife’s belly. She was crying out yes , yes, yes, yeeeeeeesssssss has her arms were around his back and with that he fell on top of her. They both tried to catch their breath, and they were doused in sweat then started kissing each other again.

He rose from the bed turned to me and walked towards me, his huge cock dangling there putting mine to shame he had his face right in mine, would you like to eat my cum. He was arrogant in his attitude, he said, your wife tells me you did a great job last night eating your own cum out of her pussy.

I stood there, stammering, not believing what I heard. “You…you told him?” I said to her in disbelief. She just smiled at me, and said “I wasn’t making fun of you darling, I just sort of…told him!”.

Ryan grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bed and shoved me down on my knees towards my wife. He then told me to lap her up and to lick her clean, to suck out all of his cum from her drenched pussy. My wife then ordered eat me,, eat me “NOW” I did as she ordered, and didn’t stop until until there was nothing left. I won’t have to tell you to do that again, will I?” she ordered after eating all Ryan s cum. The next time, you’ll do it when I snap my fingers, won’t you?” yes love I replied, good she said with a smile after all I am your wife. Then Ryan said yes, but understand one thing your she is your wife but she is my girl, I lay there, gathering my thoughts about what just occurred. I could hardly believe what I had just done, but in some strange way I felt empowered although I had been made subservient.

There was no question in my mind that I wanted to obey my wife and her lover and that I had to accept that my wife would probably be Ryan’s girl after what had just happened. Ryan got dressed and said you two have thing to sort out between you, See you tomorrow Clare. I wanted answers like how long has this had been going on,, where did you meet him,, how many times has he fucked you,, Is he married,, where does he live. She said I will tell you everything but first you have to take responsibility for what has happened.

Why me I asked,, well she said it was you who got all those porn films , yeh I replied but you watched them with me and they turned you. That’s right, she said I was turned on just like you but it was you that was saying all those things yo me. Remember what you said, could I take a cock that big up my tight pussy,, would I let him fill me full of cum then let you eat me out. She said remember when you said would I let him make me is to use as and when he wanted me. Yes I remember but those were fantasies, but you told me so many times that you wanted me to be fucked by other men I started to believe it what you really wanted. Well in answer to your question I met him six weeks ago when I went on that hen night to Blackpool and he fucked me on the prom in a bus shelter at 2 o’clock in the morning. He lives just two miles from us and he is married but does not fuck his wife. He fucks me two days a week at the moment and he has helped me to find my inner self and I don’t want to give it up, in fact I can,t give it up because it is who I am.

For another thing I did not see you object when I ordered to to eat his cum and lick me clean,, you certainly went for it then. Look she said we can still carry on with our lives nothing will change between us sex is still an important part of my life with you. But Ryan as shown me submissive films and I want to be a sub to him,, but I want to make you subservient to me. She then told me that Ryan has bought a small vibrator which he says he is going to use to open up her arse hole. She said that in his words so he can later fuck me in my tight virgin hole. But my wife seams to be obsessed with Ryan and the things he plans to do because she said one day he is going tie down and whip her.

She said remember I told you I wont ask you to eat Ryan’s cum from my pussy,, I will snap my fingers and you will do it. She said our relationship can withstand you being sub and I am not going to change my mind. She said she wasn’t leaving me, she just wanted to see the other side of me, and that we would see how things progressed as time went on. I secretly hoped that my wife would see sense but until that time I have to go along with her wishes and commands. To some people I might look like a complete and utter wimp, but I did plant the seeds in her mind so now I am reaping the results what ever they will be. I never thought my wife was a whore or a slut but she has really found her sexual being and I realize that my wife needs another cock to satisfy her

As for me,, Lapping up Ryan’s cum has become routine for me, it has become an acquired taste,, on the days that she has fucked Ryan when come home she will sit there on the sofa with her legs wide open and snap her fingers and I obey and eat until she clean. What she has in store for me I am not sure,, but I only hope that she just fucks Ryan and does not become interested in gang bangs or other men to fuck her.