Written by Wayne J

26 Jan 2009

As I have posted some time ago. My Wife feels uncomfortable about talking to me about her sexual experiences as she is now conservative, particularly with me. Occasionally will write them down for me. I always knew she had a fairly erotic past but I always wondered as to what she got up to. Here is another one of her notes she left for me on our PC. But believe me, I think this story relates more to an adventure she has got up to more recently with her ex boyfriend when I was away for a few weeks, she just likes to change the times to make it appear in the distant past, I don't care that it happened last week! All good fun, and I think she knows that I know. Anyway, here is her story.

Tell me what you think? How do I get her to include me in her adventurers?

So, now that you have enjoyed my previous little story so much I may as well tell you that I was quiet a little tart for a short time when I was young. As you know, Stuart and I had the odd threesome, but there was this one weekend when we were away with a group of his friends, there was a lot of drinking during the evening and Stew and I were making out and the guys were all egging us on, I remember Stew unbuttoning my top without me objecting, and then me sitting about with my top open to my navel with lots of complementary comments, I was too drunk to be embarrassed. I recall at one time kissing Stewart and feeling a hand cup my breast from behind, and it wasn’t Stewart’s hand! Stew and I just laughed out loud and I think this was sort of a green light to our friends that we were open for a bit of fun. A few more drinks and a few more jokes being told soon lead to me straddling Stews lap and making out, just pashing off and Stew rubbing my ass over my skirt, I didn’t care that his mates were watching. Stewart then began hitching up my short skirt as I was bending over on his lap kissing him; I knew that my ass was now on display, particularly to the guys sitting opposite us. We just laughed and our behaviour received approvals from the guys. I recall just sitting up on Stews lap and being handed another drink, as I turned to take the glass from one of the guys I realised my top had draped open and my breast was on display for all that were looking my way, I just paused in this position for a few moments as I somehow felt I wanted them all to see me, there were a few sexually orientated comments of encouragement directed at Stewart. I gulped down my drink and proceeded to lean forward and pash off Stew, I then felt him again rub my ass and then hitch up my skirt, only this time it went up over my hips, I felt him massage my bottom for a few moments then he proceeded to slip my knickers down over my ass, I took a deep breath then slid them down to my feet and I kicked them off. I couldn’t believe that I was now straddled over Stew’s lap with my ass, and I assumed my pussy on full display to the guys. The atmosphere was now electric and I think we all knew what could transpire. I recall whispering into his ear, “Oh shit, what’s going to happen now?” He simply said, “ Whatever you want”, I think I replied by saying something like “ I want to be fucked!” I then moved down and was in position to give Stewart a lick and suck; I remember a few of the quieter and shyer guys discreetly leaving the room, I think they were the ones with girlfriends. I began giving Stew little licks and kisses on his penis as I felt my ass being massaged by one of the guys. I felt so erotic with Stew penis in my hand, my top open and my little skirt hitched up around my waist. There must be something about my ass being up in the air, because, as like that time I told you about before, one of our friends began licking and fingering my pussy as I was going down on Stuart. I recall looking the other guys and seeing they were rubbing themselves over their pants, I was thinking I wish they had their cocks out so I could see them!. I then returned my attention to my boyfriend’s penis as my pussy was being pleasured from behind and it wasn’t long before I moaned out loud as I orgasmed. I think this almost made Stewart come as well, as he pulled away from my lips. I was kneeling there over Stew with my eyes closed; his penis was throbbing in my hand as I felt someone else’s hands on my hips and I knew what was about to happen, then it did, I felt a penis begin to slip into me, very slowly at first as if to get approval to continue, I think my gasps of pleasure and Stewart’s “oh shit that looks great whisper” where approval enough as I then felt him fully penetrate me, my thought at this time was “oh my god, I’m being fucked in front of my boyfriend”. Our friend was only inside me for a few moments before he came and he then fell back in satisfaction. I turned around and sat on the couch beside Stewart as another of our friends sat beside me and began caressing my breasts, I took his penis out of his pants and began to kiss and run my tongue along his shaft, a little to shy to fully go down on him, particularly in front of my boyfriend. He whimpered in pleasure and said “oh god, please suck it” I hesitated, then thought, “I was just fucked in front of Stewart with his encouragement” So with that I slid my lips down over his penis and began going down on him as my boyfriend, and the others, watched on.

I felt him getting a little bit to excited so I lifted my head, lent back and simply let him do what he felt he needed to, which of course was to slip inside of me, which he did. I couldn’t believe I was lying back on the couch, legs apart being fucked again. So, I don’t need to tell you what else went on, except to say that I didn’t prick tease any of the three other guys that were there, they all got to experience the pleasure of the evening, and Stew and I spent the best part of the remainder of the night alone in our room. I still remember him saying how great I looked while being fucked, and great my pussy felt so wet, and so full of cum!!

Hope this gives you good night pleasures.

Love you.