Written by nuttyenn

30 Apr 2010

A good many years ago, when my wife Pat and I were much younger, in our early forties,we met up one evening with Tim, an old fiend with whom Pat had had an affair a couple of years previously. After a nice meal and enough wine, Tim asked us back to his place, for a coffee. I was not that keen, I was pretty sure that Tim and Pat had been playing footsie under the table, and I knew that they were still quite keen on each other, it was only circumstances that ended their affair, when I gave up my girl friend and we were reconciled. Anyway, Pat was keen, so we followed him back to his flat, coffee was forgotten, but Tim and Pat drank more wine - I was driving so had to be carefull.

Tim had put some music on, and when Pat recognised a smoochy tune that had apparently been 'their song', she got up and pulled Tim up to dance, immediately putting both arms around his neck, and snuggling hard into him. As they slowly circled, I was watching TV, but ,turning and seeing that they were now kissing passionately, I felt that pit of the stomach lurch, not felt for a long time when I had watched her with another guy once before. They had stopped moving by then, standing snogging, Pat with her back to me,and Tim with both hands clasped around her shapely bottom, her tight skirt rucking up a bit.

Tim looked over to me as if to ask if I was OK with the situation, I was getting a hard on by now, and signalled with my hands for him to pull her skirt higher. I had not seen her dressing, so did not know whether she was wearing tights or stockings, but it soon became apparent as the dark tops of stockings came into view. They were still just moving against each other, to the music, and I signalled to Tim to go higher, my cock now rigid as bare flesh came into view, then I nearly came as the hem rose even higher, and I saw that she was wearing white French knickers, with loose wide legs, my favourites. Her skirt was now about as high as it would go, being tight it stayed up as he started fondling her bum, running his hands under her knickers and squeezing her cheeks.

Then I noticed that she was whispering something to him, and his right hand let go of her bum,and disapeared round to her front, she stepped her feet apart, and it was clear that he was playing with her cunt, in fact I cold hear a splashy wet sound as he diggled into her, while she was now undulating against him, and starting to moan. Suddenly, she moved back a little, and was clearly undoing his belt, and unzipping him, before pushing him backwards onto a kitchen type chair, as his jeans fell to his ankles. Feeling down she got his prick out of his pants, and with her lovely knicker-clad bottom, high-heels, stockings and suspenders all clear before me, she straddled his lap, and sank down, finding his prick and holding it so that she could slide down on to it. The tiny strip of material that was the only cover those sort of knickers offered was no obstacle, and she impaled herself on his quite substantial tool.

She started easing herself up and down, while he fondled her tits through her jumper, but very quickly she climaxed noisily, grinding herself onto him for ages, I was not sure if he had cum or not, but they stayed together for quite a time, finally she sort of rolled off, pulling her skirt down at the same time, stood up and said time to go. I don't know how I stopped myself from cumming, I wanted to save it until I could do the job properly. Once on the way home, I pulled into the first farm gate I could find, pushed her seat back, and she lay back, pulling her skirt up for me, and opening her legs - she knew that she woould not be in trouble as long as I was able to get at her.

I felt up between her legs, her wide knickers no obstacle, and felt her cunt, it was soaking wet, he had obviously cum inside her, and I lost no time in getting my prick out, easing into her, and enjoying sloppy seconds.