Written by Bernare

13 Feb 2009

Hello to all ,,I married a girl on the rebound,,i knew at the time that i loved her more than she loved me ,she was every thing in my life , but i was only part of hers

I had a ready made home so she was happy to go along with it , we had a child and things were going very nice for us she use to vist her sister once a week,but after a time she was getting home later and later,, it enteard my mind that maybe she was haveing an afair,,

one night i went to bed ealy and happend to look out of the window iu saw my wife walking home ,, but she was comeing from the wrong direction,,she came in and i prtended to be asleep,then she looked round the bedroom door ,got undressed in the living room and silenty got into bed with me

nextday I said nothing and she went out to work as normal but i was wondering if i was right or wrong in my thought I looked in the dirty washing to have a look at the panties she had been wearing the night befor,, i was shocked at the condision they were in ,,they were wet on the gusset and with spunk marks on the nylon,,I found that i was both excited and hurt ----I then went to her coat and looked in the pockets there i found used paper hankes but there was no mistaking the smell of cum on them

although my mind was in a spin i found that i was getting harder and harder ,,i went back to her panties and looked at them again ,, befor i knew what i was doing i found my self smelling them ,,this excited me so much that i lay on our bed and with them over my face masterbated till i cum

i will carry on with this story another day and tell you what happend over the comeing months