Written by johnny

25 Feb 2009

my wife jan loves using her dildos when i am at work.one day i decided to secretly tape her as she masterbated. i set up a recorder and left for work when i got home i decided to have a listen to see if i could hear her, i never heard anything but i kept setting up the recorder and listening and after a few weeks of trying i finaly found something. i was expecting to hear her moan a few times as she used her toys but i heard alot more than i expected. i heard footsteps coming up to the room and the door opening then i heard her speak to someone. at first i thought she was mumbling to herself then i heard another guy i was in shock then i heard the bed creak and then he told her to strip and at that point i knew it was a guy she works with called pete.jan started to giggle than all i heard was bed creaks and light moans of pleasure coming from jan. about 5 mins later jan was panting hard and screamed she was coming and shouted petes name out then it sounded like he came. they chatted for a while i couldnt make alot of it out but they spoke of what sounded like another guy jan wanted sex with at work. it seemed that jan and pete have been fucking for a while behind my back and while i am jelouse i am also turned on and now i notice how well jan and pete get on when we are all out with them, maybe i will confront her and see if i can join them or listen in or catch them at it we will have to wait and see