Written by Steve

16 Apr 2018

My wife is in her mid 50's. Naturally a little more weight around the stomach area but she's still quite trim with nice tits.

She has a lover she sees usually once a week with my approval.

I know practically nothing about him which is how I wanted it. I've no idea how old, black, white, only that it is someone she knows through work but they could work together or not as she meets lots of different people through her job. I only know that he lives not far away.

My part in it all starts when I choose her outfit for the evening. Last night it was all red satin, bra, panties, suspender belt holding up black seamed stockings. A blouse and her leather skirt completed her outfit. I laid them out on the bed whilst she was showering and then I watched her putting it all on.

Then as I gave a kiss goodbye before she sets off in her car to I assume his place . (though it could just as well be a hotel).

Then I sit back and let my imagination run wild as to what they are doing at the time.

When she gets back I never ask for any details as I prefer to wonder what they did.

What I do insist on though is that as soon as they finish fucking, she drives straight back. No washing, showering or cleaning up.

We always go straight upstairs where I take her skirt off to see the evidence of her having been fucked. As it is obvious that everything is very recent that's how I know they do the deed nearby. Usually when I stroke the front of her panties, they cling a bit to her cunt. It appears to be a mixture of juices.

Last night when I peeled those red ones off, there was spunk dripping from her cunt, white stains on her suspender belt and some stickiness down her legs to the tops of her stockings.

This is what I look forward to all evening. Slipping my cock up her recently fucked cunt and it feels fantastic if as it was last night, there's plenty of spunk still up there.