Written by Alan

20 Aug 2010

We have a timeshare in Spain, last two weeks in July. This year we decided to go there, only at the last minute I had to delay going due to my elderly mother's illness. My wife Jo went ahead and I eventually joined her on the Friday, nearly a week late. I rang her when I landed at 11 a.m. said she'd come off the beach or the pool to meet me.

She wasn't at the apartment and didn't turn up so I got on with unpacking, putting clothes away. Made some coffee, spilt it in the bedroom, wiped it up, threw the tissue in the waste basket. But there, reflecting the light under a pair of Jo's laddered tights, was the silver of a used single condom pack. Interesting! It was a Spanish brand. Had it been there from before Jo arrived? Or had she indulged while I was delayed in the UK, waiting for me to catch up with her?

I got a big hard on thinking about her meeting at some bar a young, strapping good looking Spanish guy, having a great time and taking him back to the apartment for a long slow fuck. Why not? Jo was a very attractive lady, trim figure, great looks, boobs, legs, ankles for a lady in her late forties and one of our on-going jokes was us meeting a young good looking guy and having a threesome with him.

So did my sexy wife take this guy back, snog him, fuck him, making sure the guy used a condom. Maybe two or three if she knew there was no risk of hubby walking in, raining on her parade, making the most of her time with this hunk, doubtless with a big 12 inch cock that Jo would put to good use, not just filling up her pussy right up to womb but giving him a memorable blow job, taking his cum down her throat, every last drop, and maybe some anal. Jo liked anal but being a stranger she would have insisted he wear a condom for that too. So was there another empty condom pack somewhere? My cock was now very long, hard and red hot!

Intrigued I found myself checking under the bed, on the balcony. Outside was some washing. Would that tell me anything? On the clothes horse were the normal mix of Jo's clothes, thongs, panties, tights, bikinis, bra, tops. Nothing there so it was probably my imagination. I went back in, finished my unpacking, putting clothes away, putting my three pairs of shoes in the wardrobe - and there it was. Thrown carelessly, same Spanish brand, the empty foil pack had settled, hidden under the sole of a pair of Jo's high heels. I now felt very horny. Knowing another man had been there, his cock had shot spunk down her throat, filled her quimm, and had left his cum up her arse. I wanted to fuck to her all afternoon. I carefully put the two empty packs in my chino pocket, went to the kitchen to get some lunch.

When Jo turned up I embraced her passionately, big french kiss, taking her hand towards the bedroom, no she wanted to get out of her bikini and shower. Sorry, this had to come first, I took her bikini top off, immediately saw the little bite marks around both nipples, both erect like little bullets. I got very excited and bit myself deep on both nipples. She moaned with pleasure, and fell back on the bed. I pulled off her bikini bottoms, parted her legs, her quimm looked lovely with its trimmed landing strip. I eased out my cock. She looked very pleased at my size, 'Wow! You're big, what's got you so horny?' I smiled, 'Just you darling...missed you!' She brought her head up, rolled back my foreskin and took my cockhead in her mouth, sucking hard for about ten seconds, breaking away, ‘You taste good darling. You going to fuck me, or shall I suck you off?’

‘No! I need to fuck you!’ With that I parted her legs, and eased my rock hard shaft into her trimmed pussy. It didn't take too long before Jo began to moan, low at first then louder, 'Darling, that's so good...fuck me....fuck me....don't stop....fuck me...harder, harder....' I lent low and we kissed passionately, me breaking off to kiss and bite her nipples. It didn't take me too long either, maybe five minutes, and I was ready to shoot my load. I pushed hard in, froze, gave out a very loud 'Jesus, yes!' and my cock exploded, my excited balls releasing four or five jets of red hot cum deep inside Jo's womb.

I kissed her lightly on the neck, moving my cock around inside her. Jo put her arms around my neck, 'Alan, that was fantastic, wonderful, the best fuck we've had in donkeys...what brought it on?' I wanted to tell her about the condom packs but didn't. I wanted her Spanish boyfriend to fuck her again, me watching, but this time no condoms. I wanted him to leave his hot fertile seed deep inside my horny wife. 'I missed you darling...and I know how much I take you for granted, not enough TLC...' She smiled, 'Well...don't overlook me tonight...I will want more...'

Fast forward to the evening and we decide to eat out, Jo asks me what I'd like her to wear. I select her black pleated mini skirt, one of my favourites, a red low cut top that emphasises her superb boobs and tanned shoulders and neck, then matching black lace bra and thong, then her red high heels. She finishes it all with some bling, matching gold neck, wrist and ankle chains.

We have a great meal, it's midnight, we're last in the place, leave and walk along the front, her high heels come off, we walk down to the water's edge, in the shadows she pulls me down on the sand, unzips me, eases out my manhood, takes my cockhead in her mouth and begins to give me an amazing blow job. It is slow, loving, erotic, the warmth and heat of her mouth is mindblowing and within a few minutes she has the whole of my length in her mouth, down her throat.

My mind fills with an image of her sucking off her Spanish boyfriend and it doesn't take me too long before I'm ready to shoot my load. My cock goes rigid, I give out a loud 'yes!' and my balls empty their spunk and I hear Jo glugging as she takes some of my seed straight down her throat, easing my cock out to take the rest of my cream on her tongue.

When Jo has recovered we walk up the beach, back to the road, 'That was just starters,' she tells me, 'main course to follow!' I go to kiss her but she says 'no!' mustn't mess up her lipstick, just applied.

'Alan darling, sucking you off has woken me up....I feel really good now, don’t want to end the evening, don't want to go back...why don't we go for a drink? I’ve found this great bar, really great crowd of locals, guys who work in the bars and restaurants...you’ll like it, real man’s bar...' Transpires it's a bar she visited every evening, guess this the place she met the guy who fucked her, and as we walk in Jo is welcomed like an old friend, a group of youngish Spanish guys, some smart, some beach bums, shout and wave as we go to the bar, get drinks, Jo slides onto a stool, crosses her long legs, thighs already a deep brown, and like it's a sign the guys bunch round us.

One of these guys has fucked Jo and I try to work out which one my cock grows big inside my chinos, while Jo's broken Spanish and their broken English combine to make us all understood. In no time Jo is the centre of attraction, she's loving it, and in the babble of voices she is trying to answer their questions, or make sensible points, and is on her second Southern Comfort after five minutes but, then, the drinks are free. These guys who work in the bars, restaurants, shops are now off duty, the bar owner is their 'shop steward' and it's all on the house.

I can't work out which one had Jo but I am very excited by the fact that each of these young good looking guys would like to fuck my wife and I begin to become one of them, in competition to get her attention, in competition with the three or four men who see I'm relaxed and are now confident enough to put an arm around her waist, kiss her neck, stroke her thigh.

Jo senses I'm relaxed, puts her arms around my neck, 'Having fun darling? Don't want to leave just yet, do you?' I kiss her on the cheek, 'No, of course not, it's great to see you enjoying yourself...why don't we invite some of them back to ours...or if you have a special one, we invite him back...' Jo gives me a look of feigned surprise and shock. 'Alan, what do you mean, what is my hubby saying...?' I give her a smile, lean forward and whisper in her ear, 'Invite one back, I'd like to see the two of you fuck...I'd like to see my sexy wife being fucked...' She squeezes my neck, kisses me, breaks off, 'Do you darling? Sure it's not your fantasy, not my kinky hubby's fantasy? Sure you won't get all out of shape seeing your wife with another man?’ She turns to check the crowd of guys, ‘Which one should we invite back. You choose...and when we're doing it, are you going to join in, or just watch?....'

I give her a quick kiss on the lips, 'What about the guy who fucked you the other night?' Jo gives me another look of feigned surprise and shock, '...who fucked me the other night?....' I bring out the two condom foils from my chino pocket, show her them and whisper, 'I'd like to see you with this guy, the guy who fucked you the other night, like to see him fuck you, like to see you suck him off, no condoms this time....pick him out, let's go...'

Jo gave me a big smile, 'Ten out of ten Sherlock...yes, he was good, won't say 'no' to him again...' She turned and crooked her finger at a tallish guy with long black hair. He came over. Jo spoke in Spanish to him, she translating for my benefit, 'Xavier, this is my husband, Alan, he wants to watch us fuck, maybe join in, back at our place...you happy with that?'

So, that's how we found ourselves back at our apartment, two in the morning, me pouring out large glasses of Bailey's, Jo and Xavier standing in the lounge kissing very passionately.

I hand Xavier his glass as Jo slides to her knees. I sit as she unbuckles his belt, unzips his jeans, as this amazing limp but thick, long manmeat flops out of his boxers. She’s greedy, hungry for it, wraps a hand around the base of the shaft, pulls the foreskin back, runs her tongue all around the big purple head, then licks along one side of the shaft, then the other side, Xavier’s cock gets stiff, grows a few inches, then Jo opens wide and the cockhead disappears into her mouth.

She sucks frenetically, more and more of his cock enters her mouth, down her throat. Then she slowly eases it out of her mouth, gives him an order in Spanish, then falls back across the top of the settee, kicks off her stilettoes. Xavier lifts Jo’s skirt hem, eases away her thong, throws it towards me. He pulls off his jeans, slides to his knees and brings his mouth down on her pussy. Jo is moaning her pleasure in seconds as Xavier works her pussy lips and clitoris. Her head is back, her eyes closed in a growing ecstasy.

I ease out my cock and begin a slow massage, Jo’s thong wrapped around my shaft. Then Xavier stands up. His cock is magnificent! It’s got to be a good 12 inches, and thick with it. Jo comes round, looks at him, speaks, this time it’s in English, ‘Fuck me!’ He smiles broadly, takes a condom pack from his shirt pocket, ‘No!’ shouts Jo, ‘Not this time. Hubby wants you to go bare-backed...’ He needs no convincing, pulls off his boxers, parts Jo’s legs and slowly eases his cockhead into her pussy. She gives out a little moan of pleasure as she feels the big purple head push at the walls of her vagina, then a series of girly whimpers as the shaft slowly journeys further inside her, excitement building as she feels the sensation of his thickness filling her up until he is in all the way, the cockhead sliding into her womb. With that she wraps her legs around his waist, he leans forward to kiss her, he breaks off, leans back and begins a slow in and out shafting of her pussy.

It’s only a few minutes and she is moaning low, long, the noises taking on recognisable words as I hear her whisper, then shout, ‘fuck me...fuck me....yes, that’s it....fuck me...come on, harder, harder, fuck me, stud, fuck me....’ Jo continues her moaning for a good five minutes before, in a complete daze of ecstasy, she unclips and discards her black pleated mini skirt, my favourite, puts her arms around his neck, climbs up and kisses him passionately, Xavier halting his shafting, breaking off to love bite her neck.

She goes into another long moan of ecstasy as his teeth bite deep into her neck, almost collapsed against his body. She unbuttons his shirt, kisses, licks, his nipples, plays with his neck chain. Then pulls off her top, unclips, removes her bra. Xavier leans down to kiss then bite both nipples. Jo lets out a loud yell and again she is a floppy doll. He removes his shirt. He is now fully naked. Tall, well built, slim, flat stomach, tanned I guess he’s about 28 years old.

Jo leans back onto the top of the settee and Xavier restarts his shafting. He is slow, methodical, his pace increasing in hardly noticeable sweeps, Jo responding with yet more moans, getting louder by the second. Suddenly she opens her eyes, looks at me crooks her finger. I get up and as I get to her she wraps a hand around my cock and takes the head in her mouth. It’s a fabulous feeling. Amazingly erotic, as the warmth excites me further and I feel my cock grow another inch or so.

I’m not on parade and begin to fuck her mouth, slow strokes, in, out, my cockhead touching her throat, then out, occasionally stopping to enable her to suck my purple tip. I’m on a short fuse and it isn’t five minutes before I am yelling loudly, my final thrust in and I explode, spunk shoots directly down her throat and she gags, pulls my cock back, my final spurts landing on or under her tongue. She sucks and bites my sensitive head for a minute or so before letting my limp cock fall from her mouth.

She leans her head is back and I see a dribble of my spunk running from the corner of her mouth. I lean forward and we kiss passionately, Xavier’s thrusts now getting faster, Jo’s whole body shaking with each thrust, her moaning returning. I return to my armchair and continue to wank my cock which, excited by watching my wife being fucked by a handsome young Spaniard, starts to gets hard again within a minute or two. I wrap Jo’s thong around it again. But before I can get fully up, rock hard, I see Xavier throw his head back, let a loud groan, ‘Si! I cum!’ His body brakes to a halt, goes rigid, then I see his buttocks shake as his cock whiplashes deep inside Jo’s pussy, letting out a little ‘Si!’ each time his cock releases a spurt of spunk inside her womb. I count six before his rigid body suddenly goes limp and he falls forward, Jo rising to meet his lips, a long torrid kiss as she enjoys the warmth of his seed spreading out deep inside her.

They stay in a long hot kiss for a minute or more. They then break off and she speaks in Spanish, ‘That was one great fuck Xavier...so good to have your spunk inside me this time...’ Xavier stays hard for a good two or three minutes before he finally eases himself out of Jo. She leans forward to lick his still impressively large cock. ‘I must go’, he says in English, ‘job in the morning, it now three!’ It was, just past three a.m. Jo held out a hand, spoke in Spanish, ‘Stay here, sleep with me, fuck me in the morning before you go, fuck me instead of breakfast...’

And that’s what Xavier did. He and Jo slept in the main bedroom, I slept in the spare. He fucked her in the morning at 7 before leaving for his job in a nearby restaurant. Full of his spunk Jo climbed into my bed, sucked me up hard and rode me for a good ten minutes before I too shot deep inside her pussy, my seed mixing with Xavier’s, a fabulous feeling for me, to have my wife full of another’s man’s seed, and to be able to shoot mine over his.

Jo and I were no longer pretending. We both knew we wanted to get more enjoyment, satisfaction, experiences from our sex, and that meant in the future other men joining us. For the holiday, the remaining six nights of our holiday Xavier and Jo sucked and fucked. On our last night the bar owner, the ‘shop steward’, came back with us.

He wasn’t young, he wasn’t slim but he was good looking, his wife was away, and he had a big cock, and he gave us three bottles of Southern Comfort! For a couple of hours he and Xavier shared Jo as she let free the slut inside her, letting the guys fuck her every which way before they finally left around 4 a.m. Sometimes I joined in, sometimes I just watched. But on that last night of our holiday it was me, her hubby, who fucked Jo last. Yes, she was very tired but Jo wanted to make sure it was my seed that was last inside her pussy, over Xavier’s and the bar owner’s!