24 Oct 2018

Liz and I often discuss whether the guys that she fucks regularly are, Friends with Benefits, Fuck Buddies, Lovers or Boyfriends. I believe the two I am writing about here are Lovers because, they were not previously friends, they have no emotional attachment, but are more than just Fuck Buddies. I say they are more than Fuck Buddies because they may be involved in an MMF with both of us or see Liz on her own and have both progressed to asking for solo nights in Hotels as well as treating Liz to meals in restaurants. We had known both guys for close to ten years and had seen them on and off for during that period but had lost touch with both of them for a while just prior to the meetings I am writing about, and they are without doubt Liz’s favorite lovers.

So lover number one, Jim, who we had not seen for a while had arranged to meet us for a sleepover at our holiday home. On the night in question Liz was getting concerned he might be a no show as he was running late, this was just Liz’s anxiety as he was keeping us updated of his journey’s progress. Anyway he arrived and after some chatting, drinking and snacking we were all ready to head to the bedroom. We had a fantastic MMF during which I got some superb pics and video as they licked, sucked and fucked each other in a variety of positions. As well as being the camera man I did join in, with Jim and myself regularly swapping positions, spit roasting Liz, and doing most things that two guys can do to a lady.

I was then shocked but very pleasantly surprised when after some whispering Jim pulled out of Liz took off and discarded his condom then pushed his cock back into her and continued to give her a good fucking. There was some more whispering as he built up his pace and I was getting hopeful that Liz was going to let Jim cum in her and I would get sloppy seconds. However all of a sudden Jim pulled out and sprayed an impressive amount of sperm all over her stomach, tits and neck only just failing to reach her face. Although disappointed that he did not cum in her and I would not be getting any sloppy seconds I was very happy that I caught his impressive ejaculation on the video.

After I had fucked Liz and filled her with my load I was again shocked as the normally nonassertive Liz remarked that as I could sleep with her any time Jim would be sleeping in her bed that night, and I would be sleeping in the guest room. So I retired to the guest bedroom but left the door open. I could hear a little chit chat and then very soon the unmistakable sound of fucking. I laid on top of the bed stroking my cock and listening as the two of them enjoyed each other until I fell asleep. Shortly after waking in the morning Liz came and stood in the open door to my bedroom stroking her pussy, and proudly announcing that she had let Jim cum in her, and then inviting me to feel how wet she was, which of course I eagerly did. Shortly after Jim was dressed and on his way. As soon as he had gone I dragged Liz straight in to the bedroom and enjoyed the silky smooth sloppy seconds I had so much hoped for the previous night.

Shortly after we had another sleepover meeting in a Hotel where Jim shared the double bed with Liz while I slept on the single. But my reward this time was to witness and video Jim cumming in my wife twice. The first time was during the evening after another great MMF and I watched for a while as his cum trickled out of her before licking and then fucking her. The second time being in the morning where I stayed in the single bed and watched as the two of them fucked until finished and then enjoyed my second very fresh sloppy seconds of the meeting.

Now lover number two, Bob, was a little different, again it was a sleepover at our holiday home but we had already enjoyed two great MMF’s with him that year, one at his and one at ours already providing some great pics and video. Bob could be a little dominant and prior to the meeting had asked me if we would both agree to Liz being solely his for the whole night. He also asked if he could cum in Liz, and if she would spend the night in bed alone with him. I told him that Liz would happily sleep alone with him and be his for the night, but that it would be her decision as to whether he could cum in her. However having enjoyed watching Jim cum in Liz so much I did give him advice on how to improve his chances of Liz agreeing, and said that my one condition was that he called me in to witness the moment he came in her.

So Bob arrived and we had the usual chatting and drinking first but the difference this time was that when Bob was ready his dominance started to show as he said to Liz “come on” and simply took her into the bedroom and closed the door. It was not long before I could hear the sounds of sexual pleasure and so started to play with my cock. This continued for quite a while with the sounds getting louder and louder until Bob suddenly called for me to join them. I very quickly walked through the door to be greeted by the wonderful sight of Bob fucking Liz doggy style with her arse pointing towards me, he then said ”Watch because I am going to cum in your wife” He then continued with long slow strokes making sure that I could see his cock going in and out of my her. Then getting faster and faster until pounding away at Liz he grunted and emptied his balls into my wife. He held still for a few seconds before pulling out and said “look thats my sperm running out of your wife”

We all chilled for a few minutes and with Liz now laying on her back I could see his sperm leaking out of her and couldn’t help using it as lube to rub her clit. Liz then asked me to fuck her but, Bob very quickly reminded her that we had all agreed that she would be solely his for the night, and then he told me I would have to go to the guest bedroom and wait until the next day for my turn. As I walked out and Bob was closing the door I heard Liz say that he owed her a cum. So again I laid on the guest bed listening as Bob made Liz cum and then fucked her again. I played with my cock as I listened to the incredibly horny sounds they were making and remembering the horny sight that I had just witnessed until I blew my load and fell asleep. In the morning the second Bob had left I was tasting and fucking my sexy and slutty wife’s dirty unwashed and sticky, but oh so sexy pussy. When I asked Liz about her decision to let Bob cum in her I found out that he had completely ignored my advice and the first she knew of it was when he called me in to announce he was going to cum in her.

Unfortunately we are no longer in contact with these two guys so are definitely on the lookout for some new lovers for my wife if anyone is interested.

Final note: Some have doubted the validity of previous stories due to a slip up over names. Obviously we do not use real names so I apologise if I have made any such errors this time, however a quick look at our profile pics and you will see we are genuine and do meet with other real people.