Written by Susie

26 Jun 2018

I read lots of stories on here written by men who love their wives fucking with other men or married women telling their stories of being fucked by men that aren't their husband's.

My experiences are however very different.

Hubby is a cheating, two timing bastard and although I feel physically sick with jealousy at times, I love knowing how attractive other women find him and even when sick with jealousy, the thought of him fucking another woman is a massive turn on.

I love him slipping into bed with me after he's been fucking some cheap slag. My arms go round him and I squeeze up tight and with him back with me, my jealousy goes and the thought of what he"s been up to and the feel of his body in my arms brings me to the edge and it takes all my effort not to orgasm and have to bite my lip or the pillow to stop myself from moaning out load.

How he feels in my arms let's me know whether he is still in the mood to do with me what he's been doing just a little earlier with another women but infinitely better.

Desperate as I always am to have him inside me in order to both reclaim him properly and satisfy my need to orgasm, I know not to appear too keen or he'll fuck me but deny me the right to cum, which the sadistic, sexy bastard loves to do knowing what a state it leaves me in.

There have also been times, as recently, I get myself in a state when we are out and he's just screwed some stick up bitch.

My heart had sunk when I saw not only the predatory cock obsessed cow that lives locally at the bbq we'd be invited to dressed like a common street walker but that her husband was not with to keep her under some kind of control, as he was away working.

She made no pretence of not being interested walking straighty up to hubby, giving me her derisory look, which always makes the pit of my stomach churn.

I love him to bits as well as fancying him uncontrollably but there are time I hate him with every bone in my body and this was one of those times as he made no effort whatsoever to hide the fact from anybody that he was up for her, and within a few minutes they walked inside together I followed and saw them walking up the stairs with his hand on her slutty arse.

Not being able to face anybody, I walked out the front door and went for a walk up the road trying to control my feelings of anger, jealousy, hatred and as always confusingly sexual desperation.

I eventually pulled myself together after about 30 minutes and went back in praying that he'd be back downstairs. I was in luck and I saw him almost immediately getting himself some food with her standing away from him chatting to her friends. She saw me, stared, laughed and then went back chatting. At that moment I didn't care as I was next to hubby and all I could think of was getting my hands on him.

There were a few people dancing to a slow number on one of the patios and I asked him to put his food down and dance with me, which to my surprise and delight he agreed without any hesitation.

As we danced closely, my feelings of anger and jealousy subsided and I just needed him desperately. I leaned into him and whispered, 'I love you and you turn me on so much it hurts'. He replied 'you're not too bad yourself scrubbed up'! 'So can I cum right here, now please' I blurted out.

He put his head back looked at me and simply said 'No'. And then after a pause continued, 'you know you have to earn it'.

I begged and begged and even pleaded with him to take me upstairs and fuck me but to no avail.

In fact I spent the rest the evening pleading with him to take me home to bed but I still ended up sleeping alone, with the thought of the looks she been giving me at every opportunity continually going through my mind.

The nights where he's back in my arms but I can feel that sex is out the question are in may ways the best. I lay awake for hours with him in my arms, listening to his breathing and imagining the latest slut impaled on his lovely cock. Knowing who she is makes the jealousy when he's with her even more acute but also the excitement when I lay next to him afterwards even more intense. I just wish they could see him back in our bed, which he always comes back to, sleeping peacefully in the woman's arms he loves

and fancies most of all.

After a few hours, I cannot help myself and my hands make their way down between his legs and feeling him wake as his cock hardens in my hands is always the start of the best. Most loving, most exciting, most gratifying sex any women has ever had.

Susie T xx