Written by mandy's girl

6 Feb 2016

Hi all

Wow , I'm luving you guys with your comments and play ...

Wot an amazing mindblowing Friday I had . With Albert back , I resorted to sexting Mandy and sending pics of me playing , naked and exposing my shaven pussy for her . In return she described what she would do to me this Friday . I saw a video of her cuming on her vibrator . Made me cum even nicer with all 3 fingers inside me ..

Yesterday evening , dressed in a mini dress , with a long V neck shape , clearly showing my breasts i arrived at my work/sex den .. However Mandy not feeling too good was greeted by Albert. She decided to have restful day , relaxing upstairs. With Albert downstairs , dressed in jeans and an open collar , still wearing his tan , looking very handsome , sorting out the pumps downstairs, I went upstairs to see Mandy . She was in her gown, feet up on the sofa. We snooged and she promised a wild night of sex. I was instantly wet and she had a quick play with my pussy with me cumimg quickly.

The night was very busy , many regulars coming back . Wearing very high heels and a short dress, I caught Albert looking at my bum and legs when bending over. I wanted to tease him and lingered my movements that much longer . My pussy getting wet and wet. Nearer closing time , he came over and said' Really enjoyed working with me' and cleverly stroke my bum , leading his hand on to my legs ..

I just let him and looked up and smiled . He then confessed he's been briefled on our actively while he was away . He moved his hand up on my thigh and cleverly stroked my tongless pussy . I widen my legs a bit and he entered me with his finger. His long and warm finger had me in total ecastacy . He whsipered 'we'll have more fun later , could i stay ?' I immediately said 'yes '... He fingered me for a bit longer and then licked his finger while moving away .

We wemt upstairs and Mandy was waiting on her bed half naked with her toys next to her . Albert stripped off and immediatley started to kiss and fondle her breasts . I was asked to join and snogged Mandy . Albert helped to take off my dress . I turned around and had Mandy eating my pussy while Albert snogged .

With Mandy's tongue inside me and Albert's hands all over my body I was in total spin. Her tongue was sucking my lips , licking my clit and pushing deep inside me. His tongue all over my neck , nipples and breasts. He guided my hands on his cock . It was enornmous and rock hard. I started to wank him slowly .

Mandy wanted to be fucked so we swapped positions. Albert entered her from the top and I layed next to her kissing and playing with her nipples . She was moaning with every stride Albert's cock inside her . She asked for her nipples to be sucked harder .

Albert began to fuck her hard while grunting and soon Mandy screamed with her orgasm and he then shot his load . Mandy wanted to fuck me next and bent me over , lubricated her strapon and entered me . I was on all fours taking her cock deep inside me . Albert positioned himself in front of me and he pushed his semi cock inside my mouth . I took it in and started suck him hard . With Mandy fucking me and Albert's cock inside my mouth I was fighting for breath but enjoyed the sensation . With Albert's cock really hard, he played safe and tokk over from Mandy .

He pushed his rock hard cock inside me . Wow, what a feeling i had . It was ages since I had a proper cock inside me . He sped up his actions , fucking me deep and hard . Mandy encouraging to fuck me harder. I began to push my pussy on his cock for deeper entry. It was not look when I had the most amazing orgasm on his cock.

We all cuddled up kissing each other , enjoying a class of wine.

They asked me to stay over. And during the night we started with Albert sucking my pussy , while I sucked Mandy's. With us two ladies extremely wet and horny , Albert took turns to fuck me first and then Mandy . We both climaxed on his cock. An then took turms sucking him off. I was also fucked by Mandy again while Albert sucked my nipples .

I must have cum at least 4 times.

It was just an amazing night . In the morning Albert watched us playing till we both cum. I left totally shagged .

Well guys hope you all cum tonight reading this. I need to have a shower , shave my pussy and legs and get ready for Albert and Mandy tonight ...

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