Written by Mandy'sgirl

3 Mar 2016

Another encounter from the hol..

After a day of naked sunbathing around our private pool , which consisted of all four been rubbed down with sun lotion , leading to a lovely pussy massage , fingering and licking each other . Mandy could not keep her hands off my body , making me sit in her lap , massaging both my breasts , kissing my neck , and massaging my pussy till I cum . I always pay back the pleasure my spreading her legs on the edge of the pool and licking her clean shaved pussy till she screams with her orgasms .

Meanwhile Angie and Monica enjoy each other and I see them lazying around , snogging and Monica been vibrated and fucking on the sun lounger.

That evening , we all dressed up with the very short dress , revealing tops and no bras . Our nipples clearing showing . After many shots before we headed off to a gay club in the centre of the town . We snogged each other and Mandy give me a nice fingering session but promised more later. I was horny like mad .

The club was very posh , many lovely women and men together , drinking and lazing around an open pool area . The weather was very warm and drinking were been consumed . We ordered a large magnum of champagne . I noticed some couples disappearing to the private booths. I wanted to play and cum so desperately .

All four of us , entered a large open room , with 3 king size beds . 1 was occupied by a 3 guys fucking each other and other by a group of women . Seeing them made my pussy even more wet and horny . We sat on the 3rd and that's when the fun began .

Mandy stripped me naked, I saw Angie doing the same with Monica. Monica and I started to play with each other . Her fingers pushed inside me , my lips all over her nipples . I was bent over by Angie and she started to kiss my bum,, pushed open my legs and started to suck my pussy . Mandy was performing the same act with Monica.

Angie's tongue felt really cold with ice in her mouth , She was rubbing a cube in my anal area , finger my cunt and then moved the ice around my hot pussy lips. I was in such a pleasure mood , immediately came on her wondering tongue. She didn't stop and continued to suck up my juices .

Mandy swapped positions and I was strap fucked by her for ages . I bent he around and performed the same act as Angie . Her pussy was soaking and I licked her up all over. She climaxed not long after .

Next we performed a complete foursome . All of us licking , sucking and rubbing our pussies together.

Out of the blue, 2 other women joined us . Both mature and they immediately after approval began to snog me and Monica. Angie and Mandy were playing with each other.

These Spanish women were all over us young ladies , tasting our pussies, fucking us with their dildos and eventually bending us over for deep and rough sex. We both licked them out and finished with a long scissoring session .

What an amazing night and it continued when back at the villa with Mandy and Angie.