Written by Bren

26 Apr 2010

Well I walked away from Sue's after my first cleaning encounter with her in disbelief, i never ever imagined i would be baked in her house in front of her, and then whats more wanking as a show for her. Work for the rest of the week came and went, the weekend was over and soon i was waking up it was Monday morning again. The wife went off to work, Sue had seen me over the weekend and told me i was to come to the back door of her house, she would leave the side gate open, I was to go into the house strip maked in the kitchen and then walk through to the lounge where i would be given that day's instructions.

At 10:30 sharp i did as i was bid, when i walked through to the lounge not only was Sue sat there but also another woman from the village, i had seen her before but did not know her name, so here i am naked in the lounge with two fully dressed women. This is Kathy said Sue, when I told her i had a naked cleaner who did my house she did not believe me, so she is here to see you perform your duties. We will have a coffe first so quickly get to it and bring us 2 coffees. I was not expecting this at all but went into the kitchen and made the coffee, when i walked back into the room the 2 women were in close conversation, my cock had started to perk up at this situation again. Sue looked and then said to Kathy "see I told you he gets off on doing this, look at his cock stiffening" both women turned to look and the more they looked the harder i got.

"OK" said Sue i will have this room completely dusted top to bottom and all around the skirting boards, you know where the cleaning materials are so get on with it"

Kathy was looking in disbelief i heard her say to Sue as i left the room, "I have seen him in the village before but how the hell did you get him here doing this" Sue then brought out the camera and showed the photo she had taken on our first encounter. she told Kathy that as long as she had this photo she would have him doing whatever she wanted. As I was cleaning they were both just chatting and watching me, my hard on remained and i was very aware that i was under the scrytiny of both ladies.

I overheard Kathy say to Sue that she would like to see the cock in action as having a naked man just cleaning around her she found very horny.

Sue immediately shouted to me "stop what your doing and come here" i walked over to her "Kathy wants to see your cock in action so lets carry on where you left off last week, Kathy wants to see you come" i grabbed hold of my cock and started to wank it again. "no " said Sue "you can lay down on the floor at our feet today" when i did lay down i looked over to Sue and it was clear that she had no knickers on, "lets see you wank that cock, but nice and slow" she said. As i wanked Sue slowly openned her legs, i could see that she was completely shaved, then Kathy put her hand up Sues skirt and started to play with her. Kathy said "Sue you have done very well in finding such a male you can now take it further, Kathy looked at me and shouted no commanded that i stop wanking, now i was really wondering what was going on, here i wasa laying on the floor naked with these 2 women looking down on me.

I soon found out that Kathy was a very dominant lady and Sue had been pandering to her needs for a whle, Kathy then told Sue to lift up her skirt and sit astride me, she quickly moved and the nest thing i knew is that Sue is squatting down taking my cock inside her, this was more than i could have ever hoped for, Kathy picked up the camera and started to take photographs od Sue riding me. I was very turned on and it wasnt long before i felt the sap rising, Sue was really enjoying herself and started to cum all over my cock, no sooner she did i shot my load and filled her. Eventually Sue got off me, "Get him clean" said Kathy, Sue then started to take my cock in her mouth licking and cleaning everywhere, it didnt take that long and i was again hard. Kathy looked at me and asked me if i was willing to listen to her commands and do as she wanted or should she show the new photos to my wife. I had no option and was from then on taken as Kathy's plaything. I was still allowed to spend time cleaning Sue's for her but i then had to use as much of my spare time as possible in Kathy's house. Kathy was a married lady and her husband was fully aware of her lifestyle, he too was subservant to her. The first time i went to Kathy's to clean he was there, this was the first time another man had touched my cock, Kathy made him suck my cock rather than wank for her. This was the start of a great time in my life seving these 2 ladies one who was very strong and forcefull the other a lot milder............