Written by vicars son 1990

25 May 2012

I work in a small photographic shop in town, its family run and since digital cameras became really cheap we dont process a lot of 35mm anymore.

One of our regulars is an old guy in his seventies called Arthur, he comes in regularly with landscape, but a few weeks ago popped in and asked our policy in nude processing, i said what type and he said himself and a few friends, he said he was a nudist and they were pictures of a nude barebeque, i was fine with processing them and he was chuffed with the results, there were a few of a nice looking red head about early thirties too, on her own.

I saw Arthur again the following week and said that he had some more of the same and some of a younger girl, early 20`s , he said his wife wanted some pictures of a younger guy around mid twenties but they were hard to come by...as our friendship grew, i quite liked the idea of posing, he said he was advertising for models and paying £40 for an hours work, i needed the cash, so one afternoon i asked if i could pose, he smiled and said "great" gave me a card and said pop over after work, i raced home, showered and put on a t shirt and shorts with no underwear and jumped in the car.

Half an hour later i was at Arthurs, a large bungalow with an enclosed garden, i was invited in and offered a drink, Arthur said "a few pics with just your shirt off then go from there"

i was horny so said ,"no i can strip now", so he guided me to a bedroom to leave my clothes and told me to meet him in the garden, he smiled at me as my cock grew in my thin shorts, as the door of the bedroom closed, i stripped as fast as i could , i looked at myself naked with a stiff cock in the bedroom mirror,then opened the door and walked through to the garden, the warmth hit me and my cock twitched.

Arthur was naked apart from some flip flops and sported a thick circumsized cock, however his wife was there too, sat on a lounger,naked,Arthur hadnt told me she was ther, i suppose the two cars on the driveway was a giveaway, Janet was younger than Aruthur, i later learned that she is 56, with shoulder length brown hair, ample tits and a neatly trimmed pubic bush.

Arthur grinned as he saw my cock, see, he told Janet, "told you he was a good looking lad", Janet got up and smilled and went and made more drinks.

Arthur then took a picture of me,sat down on the wall, laid on the grass with my thick cock poking up, then started to direct me on how to pose,i gripped my cock and then he took a picture of my bum, Arthur told me i looked a bit nervous, then i heard Janets voice, "drinks boys" as she put the tray down , she turned around and rubbed my cock, i nearly choaked on my drink , "nice , hope Arthur didnt warn you about me" said Janet, "christ, he didnt"i laughed,Arthurs cock was stiffening in his hand as he wanked , "go on Jan, give it another rub"

Arthur was encouraging his wife, Janet laughed and said Arthur often took pictures of her female friends , but not guys, i was the first guy to pose, she said "i am directing the pictures, you take them Arthur while i play with this lovely cock".

Janet then wrapped her hand around my cock, hmmm nice and thick, you have a girlfriend?

"not at the moment" i sputtered as Janet increased the pace on my cock, "you want me to be your girlfriend?" she asked, "what about Arthur?" i asked, "he does as he is told, he fucked a friend of mine last year and now its my turn", "keep taking the pictures!" she ordered Arthur as janet sunk to her knees and took my engorged cock in her mouth.....

more to come