Written by Jenny

28 Apr 2015

The holiday had really started well with me getting fucked by our friend John and neither my husband Graham or John's wife Sally knew anything about it.

The third day of our holiday we went on a full day boat trip. Neither Graham nor Sally were good swimmers, so they stayed on board together and by the end of the trip were absolutely plastered.

When we were packing to go away, John had persuaded me to take a couple of smallish bikinis, a floral one and a white one which had a tiny thong. I decided to put the white one on. We stopped in a small bay where we were able to jump off the boat and swim, before going onto a small beach. There were about 6 other couples on the beach, 4 just started to sunbathe, the others went inland through the trees. John and I walked in the opposite direction and went through the undergrowth. We were walking hand in hand for about ten minutes when we found an open grassed area with a small fresh water pool. I turned round to John and said "isn't this beautiful" and he said "yes you are". He took me in his arms and we kissed passionately. He undid my bikini top and let it fall, he then pushed down the bottoms. He said, " you really don't need this on anyway, you can see everything because the water made it transparent". I did my bit and pulled down his shorts to see once again that gorgeous cock of his. We lay on the grass and I got on top of him. I was sitting on the top of his legs pulling the foreskin down on his ever growing cock. I thought I would tease him a little by sucking his cock and squeezing his balls gently. I was massively turned on and sat up and eased him into me. It felt great, knowing that we were on our own and that neither Graham nor Sally could surprise us. I rode him for ages before he came inside me. I could feel the sound filling my hole and start seeping out and down my leg. We rolled over and he went down on me letting his tongue bring me to a wonderful orgasm, the second of the day, but not to be the last.

We lay there for a while, soaking up the sun and then went for a swim. He asked me if I'd ever tried giving a blow job under water. No I hadn't but there's always a first time. I worked on his cock with my hand getting a really firm erection and pulled back his foreskin as I wanked him. He had obviously had some woman do this to him before, as he told me how to do it and he had to be almost coming before I could start. He said the best way was to hold my nose as I was doing it. He gave me the nod and down I went. My lips wrapped round his cock and I started move up and down on his length. It didn't work on the first attempt as I had to come up for air. The second time I took a really deep breath, held my nose and went down again. This time it worked and his spunk filled my mouth, I couldn't hold my breath any longer and sprung to the service, blowing out all his spunk as I fought for air.

We cleaned up and lay down on the grass again. For the next hour we made love twice more and then reluctantly had to return to the boat. As I got to the top of the steps onto the boat, I looked down at myself and was amazed how transparent my bikini had become with the water, it certainly didn't leave anything to the imagination. I did have a thin summer dress I could have put on, but going the approving glances I was getting from the men on board I decided against it. We went over and sat with Graham and Sally who were well gone with the free drink. Another day to look forward after this with another boat trip.