Written by NAKED

17 Sep 2013

So turned on from what had happened the day before with Juan, we stayed in and around our villa spending the entire day concentrating on each other and having sex whenever and wherever we could.

The following day we did go back to the beach hoping Juan would make an appearance, we stripped off and settled down on our beach towels, it wasn't long before we noticed lone guys would come and lay about 20 feet away from us and start to wank while looking in our direction, before shooting their load into the sand, burying it, then moving on.

Now I'm no dolly bird, I'm just your average size 14 woman, but it seemed I had attracted their attention which was turning me on, so, not to disappoint (well it would be rude to!) I played up to them by laying back and opening my legs just a little bit wider than was necessary, or I knelt with my back to them before leaning forward to 'straighten' my towel giving them a flash of my wet pussy, or I spent ages rubbing my boobs, legs and pussy in copious amounts of suntan lotion.

'A'(hubby)would tell me when a new bloke was approaching and I would make sure I was doing something to catch his attention as he walked by, nine times out of ten, he was back in minutes to settle down for a wank.

After an hour or so, I had seen four or five guys openly wanking, I love to watch and the effect was that my clit was tingling and my juices flowing, I lent over to 'A' and told him I really needed to cum and the next guy to show any interest was going to get a real treat, it must have only been 5 or 10 minutes later when 'A' turned over and when doing so, told me to go for it as there was a guy approaching from my right, I looked from beneath my sunglasses while slowly moving my right leg so as to open my pussy lips slightly, the guy stopped to look for a few seconds before walking by, true to form within minutes he was back spreading his towel about 15 to 20 feet away from my open legs and started to slowly rub his cock hard, he watched me while I made out I was brushing off sand off my inner thighs and boobs, then when I saw him starting to rub his cock harder and faster, I sat up and looked straight at him almost challenging him, but he didn't miss a beat, he just kept on rubbing up and down his shaft, by this point my nipples were as erect as they've ever been and my love bud was crying out for attention, I bent my legs and allowed my knees to fall wide open, all the while getting whispered encouragement from 'A' I reached down between my thighs and opened my pussy lips showing my wanking admirer what I had to offer, I was so wet and swollen and knew it wouldn't take much to bring myself to orgasm, I pushed two fingers inside my hole moaning out loud as I did so, I enjoyed a quick frig before bringing them up to my mouth to lick them clean and taste their sweetness, this went on for a few minutes before I had to stop to allow myself to calm down, as much as I wanted to cum, I wanted to prolong the experience as much as possible, when I wasn't finger fucking myself, I would just sit, legs akimbo and watch him wanking while watching me.

After a while I had gotten to the point of not being able to deny myself an orgasm any longer and asked 'A' to kneel behind me and massage my boobs, and with him tweaking and pulling my nipples and kissing my neck, I rubbed my clit to a fabulous orgasm, all the time keeping eye contact with my wanking buddy, it was only seconds later, he too shot his load in the sand before picking up his towel and moving on.

Over the next two weeks this happened three or four more times with the same guy, we never got any closer than about 15 feet and none of us ever spoke.

We did meet up with Juan again a couple of times too which led to an encounter in the dunes and him coming back to the villa the night before we came home, and I also had a stranger stick his head between my legs and lick me to orgasm but that is another story!