Written by Alison

24 Feb 2013

I am Alison 18 and working as a nanny in south London. I live in and work for Gary and Fran. I found this site on their computer and have read some stories that are their's I think, but they have changed the names. My whole attitude to sex has changed since I started working for them a few months ago.

First, I was interviewed by Fran in their house. She asked all the usual stuff about experience with looking after children (they have two young kids) and I felt a bit strange about how she was looking at me. I am about 5ft 5, long dark hair, 34b tits, quite slim. Fran is also quite slim but with much bigger boobs. She always seems to dress sexy, you know short skirts plungy tops.

Anyway, Fran said it would be best if I wore a skirt for work, the shorter the better. I was a bit gob smacked but needed the work so didn't question it. I was quite experienced sexually. I lost my cherry when I was 16 to my boyfriend and had been getting it pretty regular since. Sometimes I had been shagged by older guys and I had won a blow job competition on an 18-30 type holiday in Ibiza. I was the only one to swallow. I won £100 plus a night being fucked by this holiday rep. I had to persuade my mate to pull the picture of me swallowing this guy's spunk - it was all over my face - down off Facebook before anyone back home saw it.

Anyway, I started living in Fran and Gary's house. I did what Fran said and wore very short skirts. After a few days, she asked me why I wore a bra. Anyway, we had a talk about things and she said Gary fancied me. I couldn't believe it. Then one day, when I came back from the park with the kids, I heard noises upstairs. Long story short, Fran was being fucked silly on her bed by a friend of their's: I had met the guy once when I collected Fran's children from his house. Fran was practically shouting the house down as he fucked her. I stared through the crack in the door and could see her getting it on all fours. I was soaking just watching his bang her.

The upshot was Fran asking me afterwards whether I was shocked. I pretended not to be. But then she said they had a very open marriage. And she said again that Gary wanted to fuck me. I was very embarrassed. Standing there in a tight white tee shirt, short black skirt , just knickers and no bra, I was turned on by the idea really. When Gary got home, he was looking at me even more than before. Just staring at my tits and then, when I sat down, looking up my skirt. He was making it very clear what he wanted.

That night, my whole life changed. I was half asleep in bed, lying there in just a pair of knickers and in walks Gary starkers and as brazen as you like. He didn't even say anything, just pulled back the duvet and got into bed. He was snogging me. Then he stroked my tits which is almost enough for me to cum. I was aching for it. His hands and tongue was all over me. he kept saying ~"Alison, I want to fuck you so much. You're such a sexy little girl." I was telling him to do me. He kept asking about my boyfriends and who had taken my virginity and had I ever had an older man. His hands were everywhere in my cunt, on my tits and even fingering my arse. I sucked his cock for a time and licked his arse, which he loved. He was talking the whole time about watching me, looking up my skirt and how Fran and he wanted me to share their bed.

I was soon wet and was pushing my tongue down his thread, really going for it. He pushed his hand down my pants and started to finger my very wet pussy. I was moaning like hell. I had not been fucked for a month and was certainly in need of a good seeing to. And that was what I got. He pushed my pants down and went down on me eating and licking at my fanny. I was yelling to tell him to fuck me. And he came up and slid his really long cock right into my fanny and started banging me really fast and really hard. I came first and then he flooded me with his spunk. As I was coming down, I looked up and saw Fran standing there in just a pair of white pants. I got scared but then she smiled and asked me if I had cum!

Fran told me "Alison, Gary's been fantasising about fucking you ever since you got here." Gary was almost asleep next to me, with his arms round my tits as I was getting my breathing back under control. Fran slipped her pants off and pushed me over into the bed. We started snogging which was only the second time I had been sexy with a girl. Fran went down and licked my fanny and was clearly enjoying licking Gary's spunk from my cunt. I came again and again. But that was just the start of a really wild time. This happened just two months ago and I have been getting more and more sex from Fran and Gary and now one of their friends. More soon.