8 Dec 2017

after a hard week at work for both of us mrs two decided we needed some R & R ,, lets get ready and go spa she said

great,, we need a nice chill I said

mind you that could mean two things I thought,,,, some fun was on the cards or just a complete chill out

either way , I always enjoy quality time with mrs two

we arrive mid afternoon , its quite busy , and mrs two looks at me and winks and says there's some fit guys here today

now I know shes feeling horny x

so we drop our towels and have a quick shower before taking to the pool , a little fumble a nice kiss , then off to the hut tub ,

were alone , but it don't take long before were joined buy a cple guys

sat opposite us , we engage in some small talk about other places we go and what we like , blar blar blar

all the time , mrs two is getting eye contact from the 2 guys , , we excuse ourselves and make for the steam room , where there's an older guy ( 70 ish ) already in there

a min later we are joined but the 2 guys from the hot tub.

mrs two looks at me , winks and gets up and sits between the two guys that were in the tub with us I know what's coming

and I would imagine the 3 guys were hoping it was

she leans in to one and starts to kiss him , she breaks off , kisses the other one , and now she has there attention

as she starts to wank them off she stands up , turns and faces them , bends down and starts to suck there now impressive cocks jumping from one to the other , the older guy is wanking next to me , I ask if he likes the show , dam right he says , I say its gotta be worth the entrance fee alone ha ha , he agrees , he asks if he can feel her tits and squeeze her nipples

she says yes you can , turns to face me , looks at me and says to the older guy would you like me to suck it for you

well he jumps at the chance , and shoots his load over her tits a min later

its now steaming in the steam room , so we leave and go to the shower , were joined by the other 2 guys , who help me soap her up all over , as she bends down and starts to suck them off again

I'm getting a front row seat of mrs two blowing 2 fit guys , this goes on for a cple mins before they say there cumming

she continues to lick and suck them both as they explode there load one over her face the other over her tits

I soap her down , phew she says that was a nice starter lol

she never fails to surprise me ,,,,,, or others