Written by dirty cunt

28 Aug 2007

The events im to relate happened last weekend, i live with joanne, my girlfriend of 10 years and her daughter rachel, who is 18 and attending uni, so she only comes back to live with us for a small part of the year.

On the weekend in question me and rachel were invited out for a few drinks with some old friends, we hadnt been out for awhile so we both jumped at the chance of a few beers and some dancing, rachel was home and decided she was too tired to go out, so stayed in.

Me rachel had a fucking cracking night, the beer flowed, and we danced the night away, not getting in til 3 am, i was busting for a piss so went to use the toilet, when i entered the kitchen i saw the fridge door open and jo's sexy ass sticking out just past the door, i couldnt resist and put my hand up her skirt to enjoy a good feel of her pussy, suddenly there was a gasp and the door closed to reveal rachel standing there, looking none too pleased. OH SHIT! i applolgised, saying i was too pissed to tell it wasnt my girlfriend, after a few minutes rach calmed down, and thank fuck jo was asleep in bed, rachel accepted my apology and told me not to worry.

She opened the fridge again and resumed the same position, her sexy ass inviting and so dangerous! fuck it i thought and put my hand up her skirt again for another good feel, i must have bin mad, but my cock was talking!

This time rachel ddnt stop me, and i pushed a finger into her very wet cunt, she gasped and put her other hand on the fridge to steady herself, finger two and three joined finger number one, and i fingered her good, rach was gasping and groaning with the pleasure, after a minute or two she threw her head back, gasped " oh fuck" and came all over my hand, she led down on the kitchen floor next to the open door with a dirty great fuckin smile all over her face.

I moved over to her and planted a sexy kiss on her lips, pulled away to enjoy the sight of rachel coming down from her orgasm. then in another naughty moment i pulled a six pint of milk out of the fridge and poured it all over her tits, she gasped and writed with the cold, then i ripped her dress open and sucked her nipples, my fingers finding her cunt again, i resumed my finger fucking, she just led there as i put her thru another cum, helped by my other hand and fingers working on and in her asshole. i knew i was pushing my luck going any further, even though i was busting to fuck her, jo may wake up and come looking for me or rach.

So me and rach cleaned up the kitchen, and agreed to keep the sexy events between ourselves.

The next morning joanne got up first to make us a cup of tea, by now i was sober and the guilt of actions the previous night was burning inside me, along side the thrill of the sheer sexiness of rachel cumming twice on my fingers, jo returned to bed we drank the tea, i asked jo if a sexy 69 was on the cards, i needed to cum so bad. jo giggled and pulled back the sheeets and sucked down on my cock, her lips moving back and forth, god it was so good, christ it was so un-deserved!!!, but then she stopped, looked at me and smiled, said i was wrong to let her get so pissed, and that id have to wait til tonight for my cum as a punishment. jo then got dressed and said she was popping over to her sisters for the morning, she kissed me and was gone. "Oh bollocks" i thought, got out of bed to go to the toilet, the toilet door was openand i heard the shower running, oh fuck it i thought, and peeped my head round to see rachel in the shower, i said good morning to her, and she replied good morning you dirty old cunt!. " thats me" i said and joined her in the shower, deep kisses, her young hands soaping my cock and balls, wanking me mercilessly, but i wanted to fuck her, so i lifted her out of the shower and took her to her bed, she moved to sit on my cock straight away, and i enjoyed her heaven of her young hot cunt sliding down my cock mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, god she fucked my brains out, and i just led back and filled her with cum all too soon. sheer heaven x and for good measure just before jo came back i enjoyed rachels hot cock sucking skills ans filled her mouth with my cum. A great night and a great day, me and rachel fuck here and there when we can. and as long as jo doesnt find out then ive got a wonderful life!