Written by Rich

26 Jan 2017

It was not very long after we got married that I suggested to my wife that she may like to have sex with another man. I remember I said something along those lines during a particularly hot and long fuck session. We had been at a summer afternoon party and she looked so hot in here skimpy clothes and then she looked even better when she went swimming in her bikini. Every male at the party watched her and never took their eyes from her. She knew that of course and as soon as we got home we fucked, and then fucked some more. Her response that time was something like “Well they can look and wish all they want”.

I kept suggesting if she felt the urge, that I was ok with that. I even pointed out suitable men when we were out and suggested them to her. Sometimes I got a smile or a nod but sometimes I got told to grow up. I learned to pick her moods better.

She stopped work when we had children and stayed at home. These early years of children you seem to be taking them or picking them up all the time. It was when the second child was in kindergarten that she told me in conversation that she had met a father of one of the other children. He was a stay at home dad. His wife was a very high profile lawyer/business woman and had money.

Alex was his name and he came up in conversation more and more. I never said anything for a start but eventually one evening I asked her if she found him attractive rather than just someone to talk to when she dropped our child off. She immediately snapped at me and told me not to be stupid.

An hour later and just before bed she came to me. She kissed me and apologised. She told me that I was correct and that she did find him very attractive. She was very embarrassed. She went on to say that she had to fight with her own feelings not to throw herself at him sometimes. I told her that was ok and that I wouldn’t mind and she should have known that. I had been telling her that for years.

She then told me more. She went on to tell me that her and Alex had even discussed it.

He was willing, very willing, as his wife was busy and her thoughts were often in another world of business and socialising. He often felt left out. My wife felt better after telling me all but worried how I would feel if she did have sex with Alex. She also wondered that if they did have sex then she may not want to stop. Having sex with someone was one thing but having a lover was an extra big step.

I told her to go for it and I was fine. We then went to bed and fucked. We fell asleep and then fucked early in the morning when we woke. It was Friday and a work day. That evening she told me that she and Alex had talked. They both felt good about it and it might happen. She was open and honest with him and had told him I was fine with everything.

We spent a very nervous weekend. I was excited about what might happen and I think she was mad at herself for not acting quickly and having sex with him on the Friday. I know now that she worried that he may get an attack of the guilts over the weekend and chicken out.

I never said any more but went to work on the Monday and at about 1.30pm I got a phone call from her to say “Well I did it”. Then a long pause - “are you still ok with me”. I reassured her and asked if I could come home and she tell me about it. She liked that. My job has a lot of flexibility as I have to do lots of field visits so I was home in 20 minutes.

She told me that she had invited him home as soon as they dropped the kids off. As soon as they were inside they shed their clothes and he was inside her nearly straight away. After sex, she made coffee and they sat in our lounge naked drinking it and talking. After a while they had a long and very heavy kissing and petting session. He then dropped between her legs and licked her till she came. At this I was so amazed as he had just fucked her and she would be messy. I told her so. She shook her head and said he used a condom. I hadn’t thought they would. I know they should have but it never occurred to me that they would.

He then fucked her again and after they had some lunch. Then he left which is when she called me. I was hard like a rock and asked and begged her to have sex with me. She answered yes. This, of course put her mind at rest that I still wanted her. Not to be outdone, I gave her a lot of foreplay and fingering before I dived between her legs to her sweet pussy. She was still very sensitive and came on my fingers and tongue. I then entered her and fucked her hard. I remember I was excited but could still control myself and when she came again on my cock then so did I.

I went back to work and she went for the kids. That night we had sex again before going to sleep. I know I went to sleep with my mind whirling trying to take in everything that had occurred that day.

That’s what happened on many week days. If my wife or Alex weren’t committed with other appointments then it was back to ours for some naughty fun. That’s how my wife described it. She talked a lot about it and continually asked if I was comfortable with the situation.

She loved that it was very naughty and decadent yet it made her feel so satisfied and wanted. After all she had 2 males who couldn’t get enough of her.

I was also surprised that she was very eager to continue to call me as soon as he had gone and really wanted to have sex with me straight away. I know she realised I found it a tremendous turn on to slide into her and reclaim her. I am also sure that she never told him what we did in his absence. I know he knew we had a good sex life but I think he believed he left her totally satisfied and she had sex with me much later or at weekends like many couples.

I couldn’t make it home everyday but I made sure I didn’t miss too many. I had even worked earlier and later some days to make sure my work output and quality remained the same. My wife and I laughed about that as she would say I was a real darling husband working so hard just so his adulterous wife could have a lover. That was the real situation.

It was after about 5 or 6 weeks that when she called me to say he had been there and that he had gone. She said she had a surprise for me. Lucky I had just finished inspecting a job and I shot home immediately. She told me that they had had sex without a condom. They were confident that they were both clean and safe. Also he had had a vasectomy after his last child was born so there wasn’t any chance of her getting pregnant. I quickly was all over her. I felt her sticky pussy with my fingers. I then added my cock to this extra wet hole. She was a little late picking up the children as I had her twice. That feeling of sloppy seconds was unbelievable. I was already familiar with the feeling from when I had fucked her twice myself but never when another man had left his load inside her.

All what we were doing had been such an incredible ride for me and I knew she was enjoying so much. I could say it settled into a regular pattern but it never felt like that. The excitement never waned. I did get to meet Alex at a function at the kindergarten for parents. My wife introduced me to him just as Alex. No of us said anything about what was going on. He knew I knew and that just made it so much better.

Then just before the summer break when there wouldn’t be any kindergarten or school, things changed. She had been thinking and talking to Alex about how they could still meet.

It was a Tuesday and Alex never showed up at the kindergarten. She called his phone but it was dead. This went on till the next week. She even drove past his house but it was locked up and no cars or anyone home. She was really worried.

So after about a week on the next Wednesday evening we heard the door bell and when I answered it I found only a package was left at the door. I opened it and out fell about 40 large photographs, a flash drive and a letter.

The photos were of my wife and Alex in our bedroom fucking in various positions and more. There were shots of me fucking her and of me with my fingers playing with her fresh fucked cummy pussy. The cum could have been Alex’s as I always fingered her when I got home after an Alex visit or mine as I often finger her after I have fucked her as she likes that too.

That aside, there were a couple of shots of him definitely liking her arse and her licking his. I was quite taken back with these as I always kissed her deeply and just about ate her face when I had her after Alex. We talked about those particular photos later.

The flash drive contained movie footage about 30 minutes long of different sessions. The still photos had been lifted from. Really it was made like a very good amateur porn film. The letter said Alex had been caught fucking my wife and that he and his wife had moved house. It also said she could never see him again. His phone had been changed and if she tried to contact him then the same photos and movie footage would be sent to both her and my parents and family(they even listed their home addresses and email), the school, kindergarten and my work.

Both my wife and I were immediately frightened, scared, angry and confused. Our bedroom had obviously bugged with cameras. Someone had caught my wife and Alex and then me for a period of time. From the footage and still shots we think for about 2 weeks. I took the next day of work and we removed everything from the bedroom and went over every inch of it. I climbed into the ceiling and underneath the floor. The cameras were gone and I could find no trace as to where they had been.

Another week later my wife received a phone call from Alex apologising for everything. He was calling from a phone box in a shopping centre. He said his wife had had him followed by professionals. She became suspicious when he declined sex on an increasing number of occasions as he was too tired. My wife and his daily romps had worn him down. He had been given the same photos and movie and he said these professional investigators had broken into our house, installed cameras and then retrieved them. He also said that three very large and fit men had beaten him very badly. They stopped short of breaking bones but he could hardly walk and this was the first time he was able to really get out of their new house. He said goodbye and good luck. He had enjoyed every moment with her and apologised again for any hurt he had caused.

I talked to her about licking his arse and him doing hers. That really surprised me. She told me that he did it first and it caught her by surprise. She started to stop him but the sensation was so good she went along with it. He would lick her bum hole and push his fingers into her pussy. She would cum instantly and keep going. She eventually felt she should return the favour. In the end she didn’t mind it. He told her he had done it to other women and sometimes to his wife. His wife wouldn’t do it to him.

That was nearly a year ago. It’s only me that has sex with my wife now. We both still talk about the adventure and wish it was still going. My wife especially is very nervous about finding someone else. Alex was perfect. I suppose our mistake was that he was married but a single male may try to take over.

Here’s hoping there is a next time.