Written by Halfjob2

22 Oct 2011

I have explained how my ex girlfriend had claimed to have met a caller from her work as a chat line operator.She had gone into graphic details of how she had performed sexual services for him.I still thought/hoped this was an elaborate fantasy.It had certainly made her more horny. However she seemed to be taking even more calls and two days later she came to me and said that he wanted her again-there was a cheeky grin on her face.

"Are you OK with this but I want you to drive me round to his house.He is having his mates round and I would feel better with you there......but he will fuck me.Can you cope?".I felt jealous and excited at the same time was it true?.She showered and put on the underwear I had bought her was it an elaborate game or real?

We drove to a house on a rough estate(rubbish in the garden etc)She knocked at the door and the man I had glimpsed before was at the door.He was at least 20 years older than Pam fat.ugly and scruffy.The house smelt.

"Come in love"he leered Then turning round he shouted"Lads the posh birds here".Pam squeezed my hand"Come on you'll love it