Written by petersnick

23 Sep 2014

Not posted on here before but couldn't resist sharing this from last week.

My Mrs owns a boutique in the town where we live, it's just her and a girl assistant called Suzy. Last week my Mrs wasnt well one morning so I agreed as I had no work on that day I'd go in and cover for her in the shop. I know nowt about clothes but Suzy's a goodun and I'd be the helper.

I got to the shop and there was Suzy waiting, messing on her phone. To be honest I've had fantasies about her before. She's a fit 20 year old girl, jet black hair, lightly tanned skin and about 5ft 10. Gorgeous tits too a nice handful. Anyway, we said our hello's, mine being "your the boss today" with a wink, she let out an "oooh lovely" and strutted into the shop.

The morning went by uneventful, my Mrs called to see how we were, Suzy told here I was behaving. A delivery of new stock came and we sorted into the back stock room. IT was a load of thin night addresses. Almost babydolls I thought. Joking around, I said "does this suit me?" holding it to me, Suzy laughed and said no. Copying me she did the same. I replied "Hmm cant tell with your clothes already on ha ha" leaving the room I thought nothing more of it.

A few moments later Suzy shouted me from the stock room. Running in I was met by the sight of Suzy stood there in one of these new nighties and nothing else beside a thong. I stood there staring. Her tits looked amazing, nipples erect. Suzy was turned on by this and she could tell I was too as the bulge in my pants grew. I went back in the shop, locking the door and flipping the closed sign on.

I went back in the stock room and Suzy asked "well, what do you think? Feels lovely against the skin, here, feel" she said as she grabbed my hand placing it on her breast. I stroked it and rubbed her nipple as she moaned a little. My other hand joined in playing with her other breast as I planted my lips on hers and we kissed passionately. Her hand found its way to my bulge and she rubbed me slowly. I slipped my top off and her nighty fell to the floor.

She took my cock out of my pants, kneeling down she took my length in and sucked and slurped till I was rock hard, straing me in the eye as she licked the precum off the end. That was enough for me. I told her to stand up and turned her round and bend over. It was my turn. I knelt down and moving her thong to the side, I lapped at her moist pussy from behind. she came quickly and told me to fuck her. I stood up, pulling my pants down and slipped inside her young hot hole. She knew how to wriggle and pushed back on my cock as she came again, her pussy throbbing round my cock.

I could feel myself cumming and said so, Suzy pushed me away and knelt back down just in time to sample my cum on her tongue and her tits.

We kissed for a while afterwards agreeing it was fun and not to tell my Mrs. We have met again since and she's a proper dirty girl.

I might post more stories if you liked this one, let me know.