Written by jodi

9 Aug 2015

I'm Jodi im a 19 year old girl 5ft 6 tall a curvy size 12 figure, i have blonde hair 36E breasts with curvy hips and a bum which i think is a bit big but i always get a lot of compliments about. I have recently started my job in community care for the elderly. My job involves visiting patients at home and helping them in there home. I have a round of patients that i visit weekly and some who need more help i have to visit daily. I have a variety of patients including elderly couples and singles both male and female. Some patients only need a bit of company and there medication, others need more help around the home with bathing help with change of clothes etc.

In the first few weeks of my job i built a good relationship with my regular patients. I have a few older gents who i have to drop in on regular. There all pretty sweet to me paying me compliments etc. One of my male patients is a 72yr old widowed guy called Len. A few of the other carers warned me about him when i first started. Len is a right flirt and has a real eye for the girls, and all my colleagues on my team have met him. It was a Tuesday morning i went in to work for a coffee and to get my paperwork for my patients that day. Len was my second patient of the morning and when the other girls found out they were all joking and winding me up. I thought little of it and thought that they were just winding me up as i was new to the job.

I arrived at Lens just after 10.30. Len is a nice old gent who is in pretty good health, he just requires help around the home after a bad fall a few years ago has left him unsteady on his feet. After a nice chat getting to know each other i asked Len if he would like any assistance having a wash that day. He asked if i could help him have a bath so i went and ran the bath and got some towels ready for him. After this i returned to the living room to assist him to the bathroom luckily he lives in a large bungalow so no stairs. Once inside the bathroom he managed to remove his jumper and shirt he undid his trousers but i pulled them down and helped him step out of them and removed his socks. He was now stood in front of me in just a pair of blue briefs, after folding his clothes i turned to him and asked if he would like me to remove them he said a little nervous sounding if you don't mind. I smiled saying don't worry seen it all before and leant forward and peeled his briefs down. As i did i gasped as his large flaccid cock sprang out. It must be about 7/8" completely soft with large hanging balls. I looked up at him he just smiled as i could feel myself blushing. Don't worry it wont bite he said with a cheeky grin. I didn't know what to say i was still a little shocked. I helped him in to the bath but he was unsure of sitting down so i agreed to sponge him . He stood with his back to me and i washed him i then helped him turn and face me. I began washing his top half as i did i glanced down and i could see his cock was slowly beginning to twitch. After another 30 secs i could see his cock getting fatter and slowly rising. Len knew that i had noticed and apologised. I said nothing to worry about i see it all the time trying to put him at ease. He seemed to relax but his cock was soon a full erection inches away from me .