Written by Jodi

14 Aug 2015

A couple of weeks past and I continued my regular visits to Len. We got to know each other well and I was now used to his big cock and him getting erections over me. I just found it flattering really and just giggled to myself and got on with my job. Len is always chatty asking me what I get up to at weekends etc have I got a bf. I'm currently single and not the kind who goes out and had regular one night stands. Len always joked what's a girl like me doing been single. I have to say having been single for 6 months gets frustrating and seeing Lens cock regularly grow infront of me I have to admit did give me a tingle and I did masturbate thinking of the size of Lens cock imagining what his size would feel like as my ex partners have all been average size i guess.

As we got to know each other more I guess he flirted with me more and I have to admit that each time I visited Len I always made sure I had tight leggings on and a thong underneath as I knew he would be watching my arse every time I visited. He obviously noticed this a he commented on my bum and what colour thong I had on etc! One Thursday I was on my rounds arriving at Lens about 4pm my last visit of that day. Once inside I made is both a drink and we were chatting about this and that I made sure that I gave him a good look at my bum by bending over that particular day I had a tight black and red thong on and judging by the bulge in his trousers I knew he was having a good perv at me. As we chatted Len as ever soon got flirty telling me how good I looked today and said he liked my thing today with a wink. I still always blushed a little when made his comments. Len was asked if I always wore them see through leggings, only when I know I'm visiting you I joked. He smiled said they don't leave much to the imagination you may aswell not be wearing anything he winked.

After finishing our drinks I took the cups to the kitchen before heading to the bathroom. Whilst in the bathroom feeling wet and a bit naughty I decided to give Len a treat. I removed my leggings leaving me in just my tunic top and bra underneath. My heart was racing as I left the bathroom and popped my head around the living room door where Len was sat. He looked up and I nervously said I've got a treat for you. He just looked and I slowly walked in to the room in front of where he was sitting and gave him a little twirl. Bloody hell he said I just giggled well you said you wanted to see it. Turn around again he said, I obliged I leant forward slightly and gave my bum a little shake for him. Come over here he asked I stepped back a little he sat up and gave my bum a playful slap before grabbing a handful in each hand. I was so wet at this stage I just stood there my bum level with his face as he had a good feel.

He soon parted me cheeks before pulling my thong to one side exposing my shaven cunt to him. I could of stopped there but didn't and I soon felt two fingers enter me I gasped. It felt nice I could feel myself getting wetter as he began to slowly finger fuck me pushing his thumb firmly on my bum hole as he did. It only took a few mins before I was coming. My juices running down the inside of my legs.

More to follow! Xx