Written by Eleanor

18 Dec 2007

I am the headmistress at an all-girl private school, all the staff, bar one, are female. The odd man out, so to speak is our general handyman, his name is Nick and he\'d be about twenty-five. He\'s good looking with an athletic look about him, I had always found him very sexy and attractive. I\'m in my mid-fifties but never had any compunction about having fantasies over him while I masturbated. To be honest with you I am not unattractive but had not had sex for over twenty years before this happened.

Nick always came to my office every morning to discuss whatever jobs were necessary, I enjoyed these meetings and always flirted a little, probably rather clumsily, but I do still have a good figure and I was aware that he wasn\'t averse to looking up my skirt if I was sitting down. So, having fantasised about what might happen if I encouraged him, I decided to give him the opportunity to have a real look and see what happened. I had a few thoughts about this and decided that it had to look as natural as possible and the easiest way was to, \'accidentally on purpose\', let him see up my skirt with my legs well apart. I thought the best way to do this was to drop something on the floor and crouch down to pick it up. On the day I refined this so that I would take a pile of papers out of my filing cabinet and drop them. It worked perfectly. I dropped the papers which scattered across the floor, I crouched down and started to pick them up. He did the same and was opposite me, I \'accidentally\' opened my legs. I always wear stockings with a suspender belt and I had deliberately put on some sexy see-through knickers that weren\'t lined. It soon became obvious that Nick was staring between my legs, as we stood I looked at him with my heart pounding. He was amazingly calm, \'I must say,\' he said, \'that you have a great figure for an older woman.\' I thanked him and replied, \'You must have seen up my skirt, you naughty boy!\' he said, \'I did, couldn\'t help it, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed what I could see!\'

We closed together so that he could hand me the papers he\'d picked up, I put them on the desk and as I turned back he put his arms round me and kissed me. His hand was on my breast, my nipples erected immediately which he obviously felt through my bra and thin blouse. He was breathing hard and as we hugged each other I felt his dick pressing against my stomach. I broke away, \'Just a minute,\' I crossed to the door and, locking it, moved the slide that showed I was engaged. Then I went back to him, as we kissed again I put my hand down and felt his dick, it seemed big.

He unbuttoned my blouse and slipped his hand inside my bra and began caressing my breasts. soon he had my blouse and bra off and was kissing and sucking my nipples. I felt my fanny engorging, I unzipped him and got his dick out. I looked down at what I had in my hand, it was somewhere between seven and eight inches long and quite thick, I wrapped my fingers round it and started moving my hand up and down. \'I know what you want!\' he panted, \'a good fucking!\'. I didn\'t like the word but by now I didn\'t care, \'Oh yes!\' I said breathlessly. \'Come on then,\' he put his hands up under my skirt and pulling my knickers down, helped me out of them. He felt me very gently, the first person to feel me for two decades, I throbbed with pleasure and became extremely wet.

He backed me up to the desk and bending me backwards over it pushed my skirt up. I spread my legs and felt his dick nosing between my slippery and well parted lips. He found the right place and pushed in, then he started doing me gently. It felt absolutely wonderful, \'Oh, darling Nick, that feels so wonderful!\' I panted. He used the full length of his dick, almost extracting it then pushing right up until his balls were squashed against my bottom. Great waves of thrills coursed through me, I could hardly believe I was having sex again after so long. Nick was good though, no two minute wonder, he must have continued for at least ten minutes, probably longer as I really wasn\'t in a fit state to judge.

I was completely gone anyway after a few minutes and just let him ride me until I could feel the thrills mounting to incredible levels, \'Oh do it harder, Nick!\' I gasped and he did. A couple of mimutes later he came, I had never experienced anything like it as he spurted time and again incredibly fiercely deep inside my grateful fanny. Afterwards he laid on me gasping for breath, his dick throbbing inside me. I kissed him several times then he lifted off. \'Thank you Nick,\' I said, \'you\'ve made me feel like a real woman again, I haven\'t had sex for over tewnty years! This won\'t be the only time, will it?\'.

He said, \'No it won\'t, you\'re a brilliant fuck, how could I not do it again?\'

I laughed, \'You naughty boy, using words like that, but I forgive you as long as you do do me again.\' \'Tell me then,\' he replied, \'tell me what you want.\' \'I want you to do me again, have sex with me!\' I said. \'No, no,\' he went on, \'tell me what you want, we don\'t love each other, use the right words.\'

\'Oh,\' I went, blushing as I said it, \'I want to be fucked Nick, as often as you want.\' \'That\'s a good girl,\' he said, \'you\'ve got a wonderful cunt, I can\'t believe that you haven\'t been fucked all these years!\'

I couldn\'t either, but I certainly was afterwards, he \'fucked\' me as he wanted me to call it two or three times a week after that for months. But he really was a naughty boy, I found out that he was also \'fucking\' our school secretary at the same time. Actually I didn\'t mind as long as he was \'fucking\' me!