Written by Steve

22 Sep 2007

I managed to convince my husband that I needed a weekend away to re-charge my battery. A friend, Kate agreed to join me and we set off last week for a four day break in Tunisia.

I am in my late thirties and have a good body and tight cunt. I had lots of cock before my marriage but have been loyal for the last 10 years. When we fuck, hubby gets really turned on at the thought of me fucking another man and has encouraged me to try another cock. The truth is that deep down I desperately wanted another cock.

After a couple of days we attracted the usual attention that two reasonably fit women do. Kate being more forward than me made the running and I was happy to go along. Two good looking young locals whose names I will not attempt to spell paid us particular attention and it was Kate who suggested we try the old game of spin the bottle and forfeit on our last night. I knew where this was likely to lead and was not convinced but after a couple of bottles of wine decided to play along.

It did not take long for the locals to work out how the game went and they were quick to strip off much to our amusement. The bulge in their boxers made me very moist and I started to play the game properly after all hubby did say he wouldn't mind me getting fucked by another man.

Amazingly the bottle started to stop regularly at me and in no time I was down to my thong and nothing else. Kate still had her bra and pants on and the lads their shorts. The excitement was getting too much and it was obvious we were all going to end up fucking but the ice needed to be broken.

On the next spin I got Kate to remove both of their shorts, at this their cocks sprung out and were demanding attention, Kate wasted no time and I thought why not, we sucked them for a good 10 minutes before they wanted to lick us, so they placed us on all fours and started giving our cunts a great licking. I am not bi but I got really turned on by looking at Kates cunt being licked and fingered. I became enthralled and the sex kicked in big time,I moved one of the guys aside and to my friends astonishment and approval I gave her cunt the attention every woman deserves.

Whilst I was deep into Kate, I could feel one of the guys trying to push his cock into me.He was running his cock up my cunt and asshole so I broke away and turned around to ensure I could savour every moment of the first new cock I's had for many years. I placed him at the entrance to my hole and made sure he eased in really slowly. He slow fucked me for what seemed ages and I could see Kate on all fours getting a good hard fucking. I thought what if my husband could see me now, he would be desperate to join in and this turned me on even more.

My man started to speed up and I knew he was going to come I was too far gone to worry about the fact he had me bare back The noises coming from Kate told me she was having a really good shagging.

When my man shot his load deep into me, I decided to test Kate out by straddling her face, amazingly she couldn't get enough of my cunt and made a great job of cleaning me out. The boys had very satisfied grins on their faces so we sucked them back to life and swapped over, my new man was a good 9 inches so I took great pleasure in sucking his balls and licking his shaft. In return he shocked but pleasantly suprised me by fucking my ass. I was against it as only my husband had be privilged enough to get into my ass but I was so far gone after the first few inches went in, I couldn't resist and I have to admit he gave my ass a great fuck and I gushed loads.

The rest of the night became a bit of a free for all with Kate and I enjoying each others cunts as well as the cocks.

On returning home, my husband wanted to know what I had done and did I have a good time! he sensed I had been naughty and encouraged me to tell him all the dirty details.

We enjoyed fucking each other loads as I told him how we had all ended up fucking the brains out of each other that night. I thought it only fair to let him have my ass as I told him whay a slot I had been. He wants to be in the room next time and who can blame him. We are looking forward to meeting new couples and I want to sample a lot more pussy and new cocks.